Feelings, Composition and Blown Opportunities Redeemed

One of the things I love is when a photograph makes you feel something. Anything. Sometimes, I look at a photograph and I’m not sure what I feel, but I know I’m feeling something.

On this photo, when I was composing it in the camera, I wanted the man to be chatting with the woman, looking historical, etc. But the woman on the far right was in the photo, and the composition was just blown. And then she moved, which was good, but then the man and the woman stopped talking, and the idea of my photo was ruined. So I took a shot, and that was it–a shot that wouldn’t work.

When I went to process the shot, I first thought that the guy was now looking all smart assed and all, and that wouldn’t work. But then I looked again, and thought, wait a minute. I desaturated the color a bit, and viola!

So back to emotions and photos. This one makes me smile, which is always welcome.  He’s yawning, she looks pissed and her friend is looking directly at me. Perfecto. 🙂  You can click on this photo (and any I post) to see it full-sized, which will give you the full effect.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on September 14, 2011.

6 Responses to “Feelings, Composition and Blown Opportunities Redeemed”

  1. katie i love this photo! I love the fact that the ladies are looking at you to maybe make this man disappear when you shoot the camera as he appears to be really “full” of himself. It makes me giggle when i see it. I think its great that this shot you felt was not a shot ended up being a great shot!

  2. I am glad you gave this photo a second chance. You captured an amusing candid moment.

    • Thanks, Lloyd! I always try to go back a second time to look at my raw photos, as sometimes a photo doesn’t turn out the way I wanted it,, but turns out in a good way (or better way) nonetheless. Thanks so much for your support!

  3. this is such a fun photo. i love when a photo will tell a little story. sometimes the juiciest stories are told in between the “good” shots. (-:

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