The Prettiest Bee Ever!

Okay, I am sooooo excited! I went out earlier this morning to my friend’s house in Tesuque, NM,  which is only about 10 minutes from here. It’s where I shot the Black Eyed Susan that I wrote a post about ( ) earlier this week.  This property has the most gorgeous grounds I have ever seen. Even with autumn taking its hold, the plants and flowers and trees are still just stunning. The owners do such a wonderful job–truly amazing. So many photos take!

Oh, now why I’m so excited. I had finished shooting, and I was walking back to my car, when I spotted some pretty flowers (I don’t know their name, but maybe my if my friends are reading, they will chime in on this one), so I decided, okay, a few more shots won’t hurt. I started to take the photos, when immediately this little bee landed on the flower. Now, I’m using a macro lens on these shots, and the end of the lens is no more than like 5 inches from the bee, and he is just letting me shoot and shoot. This little bee is just so cute! Not like the bees in my yard. This one has a really pretty furry body.  I just was so enchanted with him.

Anyhow, I went home and later pulled up the photos. I haven’t looked at any other photos but these last bee ones, as I was just so excited.  So here they are.  I have close-cropped the two photos, so you can see what the bee looks like in detail. I hope you think he’s as cute as I do. 🙂

Images Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

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~ by KatiesCameraBlog on September 17, 2011.

17 Responses to “The Prettiest Bee Ever!”

  1. Flower is echinacea … Purple cone flower. The bees love it and the cat mint. Wish we could find their hive. Neat picture!!!

  2. love this… a great picture of renewal…and something so pure and simple! Great looking bee!- looks like he is dressed for winter!

    • Thanks so much, Amber! I loved your comment about the bee being dressed for winter. I was amazed at how furry he looked and so absolutely cute and nonchalant about me taking photos. I was totally smitten by him. 🙂 So glad you loved the photo!

  3. I can understand your excitement about this event. And you managed to shoot the little bee in a lovely way. So detailed and so colourful. I do like the little sequencing of the pictures, too.

    • Ah, thank you so much, munchow. I truly appreciate your comment and noticing the detail of the photo. Shooting hand held, close in macro photography with moving subject (flower and bee), can indeed bet tricky, so thank you for taking note of that. I don’t like doing a lot of post processing to my creative photos, so I was really happy that the bee was who he was, and that he landed on such a colorful flower. Sometimes, it just works, you know? 🙂 Thanks again for commenting.

  4. He is gorgeous! Love the composition on these too and the colours really work well together:)

    • Ah, I’m so glad you were as impressed with the bee as I was! When I saw him with my macro lens I was just floored by how cute he was. I’ve never thought of bees that way, before. 🙂 I was so happy too, that he had the good sense to land on a flower that contrasted so well with him too. Smart bee! Thanks so much for your comment.

  5. These photos are stunning!!

    • Than you, Leila! I truly appreciate the words (and still love that wonderful photo of that woman on the balcony). Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your wonderful compliment!

  6. […] I just want to add, that if you want to see a photo of a more lively bee (and I love this photo), check out this post from last month. […]

  7. A perfect little bee 😀

  8. POETIC, what beautiful images.

  9. To think these cute little things can produce a little pain..

    • That’s how I felt before I started shooting photos of them, and they were just fine with my lens so close to them. I have totally fallen in love with these guys. That being said, I don’t ever want to step on one again (ouch!). Thanks for your comment, Roberta.

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