Fair Play–My Boxer Dog’s Turn

I’ve shown my kitty (http://wp.me/p1P351-5y), so here we go with my dog-an absolutely wonderful and gorgeous Boxer girl, who just adores my cat. 🙂

I’ve loved Boxers since I was a little girl, and owned them for a long time now. They are just the silliest, friendliest, and most joyful dogs around. A handful at times, to be sure, but train them young, and in my mind, you can’t ask for a better companion.

I love this head shot of my girl.  I really enjoy the light and dark values of it; the shadow and highlight play. This was taken when she was sitting on the couch in the morning sun. I tilted my camera to get her head in this pose, and took the shot.

Image Copyright Š Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on September 20, 2011.

20 Responses to “Fair Play–My Boxer Dog’s Turn”

  1. Lovely- she looks like she is looking adoringly at something – a favorite toy, or bone… maybe even Grimm!?- the play of the sun glinting off of her face and whiskers is endearing. Great shadowing in her head wrinkles.

    • Thanks so much, Amber! I forget what she was looking at, as this was taken earlier in the year. She was looking down at something though or maybe nothing. 🙂 Grimm Kitty would have been up somewhere at that point in the day, getting the sun :).

      So glad you like the play of the sun and shadows. I really love working with that, and nice to see that someone else likes it too. I’ll start taking more of these type of photos when it gets colder outside. Thanks again for your comment!

  2. I think she looks “reflective” . Looks like you caught that RARE occassion when a boxer is still and thoughtful. BEAUTIFUL!

    • Thanks, Kate! A tired dog is a good dog. 🙂 Glad you liked the photo, and thanks so much for commenting. And smooches to Nyx! I’ll put a photo of her up here at some point. 🙂

  3. Oh my… what an incredible photograph, love the play of the light on her face…. so thoughtful. Love this picture!! It’s as if she’s ‘pondering’ something of great importance to her. 🙂

    • I know! She does look so introspective there. If i remember correctly, she wasn’t really staring at anything though. I had time to take quite a few different shots, so she was like that for a while. She was pretty young at the time, so probably just a bit of that puppy exhaustion, after they have that spurt of energy.

      So glad you like the play of the light on her face. This was one of my first tries with her. I had taken some of my cat a few days before, and I wasn’t sure how these photos were going to turn out, as in my paying photography (architecture) you DO NOT WANT strong shadows. I really like the effect though. Really like the effect.

      Thanks so much for sharing your take on the photo. It helps me see my photos more clearly, and also helps to encourage me to continue! Oh, and your Husky is sure a cutie! 🙂

  4. Lovely image, the shadows add a lot of emotion to the shot and has a sad feel to it, think this in amplified by the fact you can’t see her eyes.

    • Thanks, Chris, for your take on the photo. Always great to hear how people perceive my photos. I can see your point now that I look again, especially with the Boxer trademark wrinkles on the head and also the turn up of chin, which gives them a sort of pout in their look. Thanks again for your take, Chris. Very interesting,

  5. This is an absolutely beautiful shot. I can’t wait to get a dog in a few years to take pictures of all the time!

  6. I grew up with a Boxer (yes, a total fan of the “smooshy face” breeds!). What a gorgeous shot of yours! The shadows really add a special something to the shot.

  7. Another wonderful animal portrait. Beautiful lighting, tho, the posture seems a bit melancholy. Looking forward to more portraits of your girl portraying all the other sides of her personality!

  8. Amazing photo, Katie [and a beautiful model!]!

  9. You gotta love those boxer wrinkles!

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