Acequia Madre “Mother Ditch”

Santa Fe has quite a few acequias that run through the oldest parts of the city. These are literally ditches that were used for irrigation. They still run in many areas of the state.

Santa Fe’s most famous one is the Acequia Madre (mother ditch) on Santa Fe’s East Side.  This water runs through it at times in the year, which always thrills me, as this is a very dry city.  About three weeks ago, I was walking on the East Side, and I noticed that the sun was highlighting the iron wheel that controls the flow of water, and I was just fascinated by it.  Usually the controls are hidden by shadow, but today the sun was lighting it up beautifully, and I took these two photos.

I used my mid range zoom (35-70 mm f/2.8) on these shots. I really like the feel of the metal in these photos; it gives a good texture to the photos, and then the different curves and lines, and the play of the sun and shadow. There’s a real strength portrayed here I think. To me, all these things made for interesting photos.

Images Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

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~ by KatiesCameraBlog on September 27, 2011.

13 Responses to “Acequia Madre “Mother Ditch””

  1. The texture and lighting are beautiful!!

  2. Nice !

  3. Never thought that kind of object would be so pretty!

  4. Nice light and shadows, I love to photograph old rusty metal things. The light plays well with the textures.

  5. Great idea, I really like these.

  6. Yes, exactly it is what you wanted to create; the feeling of metal in these photographs is amazing. Light and shadows made them so impressive. Wonderful set, Thank you, and it is so nice to have a visit through your camera to Santa Fe. With my love, nia

    • Glad you liked this photo, Nia. I do like that it seems powerful, which it would have to be to stop a lot of water. 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll post some normal Santa Fe shots at some point. 😉

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