Road to the Ortiz Mountains – New Mexico Landscape

When I posted my first post on Friday, Autumn in New Mexico, Bob Zeller (his blog here), requested more of the same, which got me thinking that I needed to go back and see what I have in the way of photos like that one.

I love nature photography; it’s my first love, but in recent years I haven’t had the funds to pursue it. Hopefully, those days will return soon though.

Anyhow, going through my photo collection, I found this photo, which has long been one of my favorites. I took this about seven years ago at a location about 10 miles from downtown Santa Fe. It was just a dirt road off of a main road, and I thought that I might get a good view if I turned, so I did, and this was the resulting photo.

Santa Fe is all about the views. We have the huge Sangre de Cristo mountains to the East, the Sandias to the South, and the Jemez to the West. And then these little mountains in this photo are in the South also. These are the Ortiz Mountains. Including the road in this image, just makes it feel like a classic shot of the Southwest to me.

I have no idea what lens I was using. This was before I was a pro, and I imagine it was the kit lens that came with the Nikon D70, which was my first DSLR. I did crop the top 1/2 of the photo off. It just looked better that way. Artistic license and all. (:  Clicking on the photo will make it much larger, and in my mind better. (:

Thanks, Bob, for giving me a reason to post this photo, and have a great weekend, everyone!

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on October 22, 2011.

43 Responses to “Road to the Ortiz Mountains – New Mexico Landscape”

  1. Could I please crawl into the picture and be there? Please?

  2. Great picture, Katie. I like the way the road leads the viewer into the mountains. Don’t feel guilty about cropping. I crop all of my photos to some extent or another. It is part of the creative process. You cropped this one perfectly. I didn’t see the original of course, but I’ll bet the horizon was more or less smack in the middle, am I right??

    I love your mountains, any mountains in fact, as you can see from my previous photos of Big Bend. Incidentally, I am leaving Monday morning to go back there and I won’t be posting or commenting until probably next Saturday. But I will catch up with yours when I get back.

    • Thanks, Bob! I don’t feel guilty about cropping it; I just let people know about any big processing change. Cropping is in the creative process, like you say, especially when you are taking photos of singular subjects like your birds. 🙂 In this image, the horizon was taking up most of the photo, but it wasn’t exciting, so out it went, so the focus could be on the road and the mountains.

      So glad you love the mountains, Bob. There will be more shots of the different ranges near me, as they are the most prominent natural thing around here. 🙂 So exciting to travel back to Big Bend again. I can’t wait to see what fabulous shots your bring back, and I hope you and Ann have a great time! Thanks for all your support, Bob.

  3. The sun, shadows & texture of the road really do make you feel as though you’re right there enjoying the journey.

    Good choice with the cropping – too much sky would have made the countryside just disappear.

    (I crop almost all my own photos to some degree – partly because I’m so short-shighted that it can be hard to judge the right balance in a composition through the viewfinder. But seriously, it’s the final image that that counts. What you do in editing the original is part of creating a picture & your view of the world or subject)

    • Thanks, Victoria. Glad you feel like you’re right there in the photo. 🙂 Exactly on the cropping. I wanted to get as much land as I could (and honestly, I didn’t have a longer at the time), but it just included too much sky, which took away from the focus of the photo.

      No problems with cropping at all. I’m just trying to perfect my composition in camera, which leads me to take more photos though, as I experiment. And I totally understand the eye sight issues too. I agree, it’s the final image that counts. It’s the photographic vision, and I love seeing what other photographers see. Their vision of the world. Thanks for your comment, Victoria!

  4. Beautiful shot Katie!

  5. That’s incredible! :O I wish we had such epic scenery in the UK, you have to trek all the way to Scotland to even come close! I love your composition too, it’s just all-over beautiful 🙂

    Jessica P xo
    My Latest Blog Post: It’s Caturday!

  6. This is a wonderful photo!

  7. The first time I experienced, (it is much more than seeing) the Sangre de Cristo mountains I fell in love with the area. Your photograph brings back so many wonderful memories. There is just something about long roads that inspire adventure and awaken the soul. Magnificent. Yotaki Beautywalk

    • Ah, so glad you’ve been to my area, Yotaki, and felt that connection that a lot of people feel, and I’m so glad my photo brought back some wonderful memories. That just makes me smile. 🙂 I agree, the long road does speak of adventure and change, I think. Maybe that’s why it’s one of my favorites. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment, Yotaki.

  8. Beautiful place. It would be a lot fun to walk around here. I love nature photography too. 🙂

  9. beautiful picture! thank you for sharing!

  10. I love landscape photography. Keep posting them.

  11. All I can say is stunning! I like the mountains background and I love nature photography as well.

    Thanks for sharing your picture. Have a blessed Sunday 🙂

  12. Beautiful! My mother is from Alamogordo and I was born at Holloman AFB. I had a perfect view of “old baldy” from my granny’s front porch. Haven’t been there in years, though. I’ll always have a soft spot for NM.

  13. Great panorama! The winding road gives it a sense of mystery or adventure, not knowing where it leads. Nice capture! (and great artistic license usage as well 🙂 )

  14. Beautiful shot! I love how the road leads my eyes out to the mountain range. Thanks for sharing! 😀

  15. This is so captivating! The colours are amazing! I hope you can travel soon again and share your beautiful pictures with us! 😀

  16. This is great Katie and I love the composition…how the road leads one through the image. Aren’t back roads fun?? You get to see things most folks never do!!!

  17. Oh this is so nice Katie. Great shot on a great day with great lighting and a fabulous subject. Well done!

  18. How beautiful… I can imagine the feelings to be there. Thank you dear Katie, with my love, nia

  19. What a gorgeous place for nature photography! I passed through NM years ago, and I distinctly remember that it was around sunrise and wow =)
    Thanks so much for the visit to my blog.

  20. I love the mountain range in the background. Great landscape. I love the role the dirt road plays in this photo.

  21. I’m just adding my love to a whole line of love! 😉
    I love this shot, too, and couldn’t express it better than your first comment: I’d like to crawl into it as well… What an amazing place to live.

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