Hon, the Lights Are Flirting with Me….

The railroad is a large part of Santa Fe and its history. In recent years Santa Fe has developed the Railyard area, including shops, galleries, the Farmer’s Market and a park. The main train station is in the Guadalupe District, which I love for its eclectic and historic feel. I even lived there during my first years in Santa Fe.

I still walk in the Guadalupe District on occasion, as it’s only 10 minutes from my home, and if I get there early in the morning, one of the railroad warning lights has the most wonderful expression. I noticed this about a year ago but only got around to shooting it last month.

So here you go…. does she look like she’s flirting with you? The way the early morning sun has shaded the lights to make them appear as eyes?

I love noticing silly things like this, and I hope this photo makes you smile and gives you a nice start to the week.

Taken with the 105mm lens at f/2.8, to get as much blur in the background as I could (and I knew the lens would be sharp where I needed it to be–those eyes).

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

~ by KatiesCameraBlog on October 24, 2011.

58 Responses to “Hon, the Lights Are Flirting with Me….”

  1. As i am from a railway city too this is a very interesting photo… not only by it’s quality but also by what it means.

    Excelent work

  2. They indeed ARE flirting! 😀 Lovely find.

  3. The title is just too perfect for this shot…lol

  4. LOL, love the title and chuckled when I saw the photo. Very creative Katie!

  5. Nice shot Katie – been a long time since anybody flirted with me .. LOL !!

  6. Your POV here really gives the lights a human quality.

  7. Love this pic! She’s kinda cute!:)

  8. I love the title of this…to funny!!! Bet she has the figure to match!!!

  9. Made me smile too. This is so lovely, Thank you dear Katie, have a nice week, with my love, nia

  10. I saw it because you said it. It takes a great imagination and creative eye to see it in the first place.

  11. Nice! The lights definitely look like eyes! Good for you, noticing that ‘expression’ with the light and the lights! Cheers!

  12. Ha ha! Cute!

  13. Oh yes, I can see that. Yotaki Beautywalk

  14. Brilliant! I’ve never seen lights as flirty before.

  15. lol. I used to say they were making faces at me. Cute photo

  16. How can a pair of lights look so human and even feminine? What a great capture of something unexpected. I love it!

  17. You’ve captured its spirit completely!

  18. Oh dear, she really does firt!!! 🙂 Love it, such a live shot, Katie! 🙂

  19. Those sultry eyes with their half-lowered lids really did make me laugh. Thanks for the great start to my day! And thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments, too!

  20. Hahaha great shot!! it does remind me of eyes

  21. I love it, Katie. The man-made becomes humanized. Well done.

  22. Ahhhh, I love!!!! The one piece of the railroad that I leave out!! Nicely done..

  23. It reminds me of Number Five from the Short Circuit movies

  24. Lol… very nice 🙂

  25. Wow you have a great eye!!!

  26. […] Abstract photography: […]

  27. I think I saw it wink. 🙂

  28. I think that it’s ones of your best pictures !!! Well Done !!!

  29. thanx for visiting my blog and leave a reply.
    i was scrooling @ your blog and this pic got me…
    very good how the shadows make it eyes…..
    next time i see one railway sign i think of you and your picture

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