Beautifully Unobtainable – 3

This is the third in my series of Beautifully Unobtainable photos (see the first here and second here).

I’ve seen this entrance gate on my walks down an old dirt road in Santa Fe many times, and I admired the wood work on it. So on a day about two weeks ago, when the sun was as good as I’d get it, I took this photo.

The next day I ran into two interesting men who were chatting outside the gate and we started to talk. One was an artist who does murals in town and the other was his friend, who, when he is in Santa Fe (which is often), he stays with the people who live behind the gate. Nice people live behind this gate. 🙂

I couldn’t get the blur I usually like in these gate photos, because of the lens I was using. But I know the limitations of this lens, and I can appreciate them. I like that you can see the house and the porch and that lovely white fencing (which is very unusual here in Santa Fe). You also have the glorious yellow chamisa plant blooming away (and causing all sorts of problems for allergy sufferers).  It just looks like a nice scene behind the gate, and I like that. And I love the wood detail on the gate too. It’s those special touches that always intrigue me.

This is all you will ever see of this home and yard without an invitation, as the rest of it is enclosed with a 6 foot tall adobe wall, like so many homes here in Santa Fe. Seems all a bit mysterious to me. (:

Shot with my 35-70mm lens at f/2.8.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

This was taken with my 35-70 lens at f/2.8


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on October 26, 2011.

29 Responses to “Beautifully Unobtainable – 3”

  1. An excellent shot, serene yet mysterious. Love the repeating pattern of the gate, the way you framed it. Makes me want to see inside that yard. Cool!

  2. That is such a neat gate! Great shot and intriguing!

  3. The picture is exactly what the title says! 🙂 Beautiful! Mystic greenery behind the gate 🙂

  4. Amazing. Makes me to open it… Wonderful photograph. Thank you dear Katie, with my love, nia

  5. This really is an interesting gate.

  6. Good Eye Katie!

  7. Katie you photographs are amazing!

    I am so glad you stopped by my blog so that I can follow your work and be inspired. While I post a lot of photos, mine and others, my main focus is to be a first alert system for my community. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Ah, thank you, Kate, for that wonderful comment! I truly appreciate it! I loved stopping by your blog. Outstanding photos there. Glad you are the first alert for your community. Big Sur is a wonderful and special place. Thanks again for your comment!

  8. You really have an eye (two even I guess) for photo compositions Katie. Again a very nice picture.

  9. Like the shot alot gives a sense of mystery something like through the keyhole a Who lives in a House like this.
    Nice blog keep up the good work

  10. Gorgeous, full of intrigue and invitation! Could be an opening shot to a love story movie don’t you think – who knows what romance has been going on behind those walls 😉

  11. Interesting shot!! 🙂

  12. Hmm, this series has started an idea in my head. Thanks for sharing your vision and photographs.

  13. I like the color of the wood. Great pic 🙂

  14. I love hhis image! Great perspective and lighting and capture!

  15. This photo does make one wonder what is on the other side. It sure is a neat hand made gate. I like how you framed the background with the frame of the gate. Nice one Katie!!!

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