Nothing Better Than a Hot Tub on a Cold Evening

Oh, nothing better than a hot tub on a cold night, as the sun sets and the stars rise, and a view of it all here in Santa Fe.  Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone!

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on November 5, 2011.

69 Responses to “Nothing Better Than a Hot Tub on a Cold Evening”

  1. It certainly looks like a fantastic place to be. 🙂

  2. Looks wonderful….

  3. Beautiful picture!

  4. Love to visit! :0) Yotaki Beautywalk

  5. Damn! Why can’t I live there? Great colors!

  6. Beautiful sunset! Great shot Katie! 😀

  7. Oh yeah! =D

  8. Is it one from your work? Great capture Katie. Background is meditative and the hot tub is a great place to get the entire feel of it. 🙂

  9. Wow is this your view??? I’ll be right over!

  10. Oh hello. Do want. Yes please… lol. Lovely shot as always!

  11. I love the photo, the colours in it are great!

  12. Wow! Just about all I can say about this one…fabulous shot, Katie!

  13. Beautiful shot of a great view, Katie. Nice sherbet sky! I just got my double slipper copper bathtub installed in front of my sliding glass door with the view to die for. The view will again be posted on my blog soon, but not the tub. I don’t share shots of my residence.

    • Wow, Kate, now that’s a bath tub! 🙂 i would imagine the views around your are to die for. I remember the area well. Do please, share some photos. 🙂 I agree, no photos of your residence though. 🙂

  14. Always amazed at the colors that a sunset can produce.

  15. the picture is great, but it must be great there too… 🙂

  16. What a spot, alluring steam and all.

  17. Wow, love the steam and the photo. I’m jealous, I could really use a soak in a hot tub after the stressful time I’ve had recently. That’s a great shot!

  18. WOW, now this is the perfect place to be at the end of the day!

  19. What a great location! Beautiful shot, well taken! Makes me want to go jump in right now (20F here in Calgary…brrr). Cheers!

  20. The colors out West are great, aren’t they!

  21. The only thing missing is a bottle of Veuve Cliquot… 😉 Great shot!

  22. and that view! wow

  23. I can think of some things that are better 🙂 BUT it’s pretty close! Great shot as always!

  24. Completely agree with you 🙂 And Love the photo… heh… I want to take a bath in such a beautiful place so much 🙂

  25. That does look lovely! Nice shot. 🙂

  26. What a great view that provides… lovely

  27. That looks beautiful….I’m jealous!!

  28. When I lived in Denver, Colorado … we had a hot tub outside and I loved being in when it snowed or rained!!! Excellent!

  29. wish i were there! great pic

  30. Wow, this is so cool! Nice shot 😀 You are right, nothing could be better! 😀

  31. Wow…beautiful scenery.The sky looks amazing. Great shot

  32. Wow – what a beutiful image!! I want to jump in!!!!!

  33. Great view… love the orange 🙂

  34. Funny, my mind’s eye added a tray of champagne and eye candy worthy company. Beautiful pic.

  35. It reminds me of a hot tub on top of a hotel close to Los Angeles International Airport, with the airplanes flying low above us 🙂

  36. Looks very welcoming 🙂 Lovely colors in the sky !

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