Cracks in the Fantasy that is Santa Fe

Santa Fe is an interesting place. It is a city where many people want to visit and many more want to live, but the reality of the place is something different.

The economy of this town is based on tourism, and the city is filled with people who own second homes, but it’s also filled with many poor people. As elsewhere in the United States, it seems like there really isn’t a middle class here. You either are well off, or struggling and working multiple jobs, just trying to survive.

And so while there are wonderful things to see and do here in Santa Fe, the town is also filled with lots of cracks in the fantasy that is Santa Fe.

And that’s the life I live here, and it’s the life I love to see around me. Next to those gorgeous multi-million dollar homes, there are the homes that are a hundred years old, and lived in by the same family for generations, and not in that showroom shape. Those cracks, to me, are the real Santa Fe.

Shot with my 105mm lens at f/3.0.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on November 9, 2011.

82 Responses to “Cracks in the Fantasy that is Santa Fe”

  1. That reality is getting more common everywhere in the world, and specially in tourism regions.
    This kind of photo is just great as it leaves everything to the imagination of the person who sees it, great job.

  2. Great texture and form here. Age can be beautiful!

  3. Very well said Katie, and the photo is the perfect choice to illustrate your point ! Love the textures !

  4. I like this composition, Katie.
    I also like that I don’t know exactly what it is , , .

    • I agree, sometimes it’s kind of fun not to know what an image it. 🙂 It’s a crack in all exterior wall of a property. Not taken care of in a long time. Kind of sad in a way too. but it still stands. Good for it! 🙂

  5. I love nature shots, especially ones interpreted this way. Simply beautiful!

    • Nature shot, Charleen? 🙂 Natural, you mean? This is a wall down the street with the huge crack. I walked by it again this morning and said hello. 🙂 Glad you liked the image, Charleen!

  6. That was a great post, Katie, plus a great photo to go with it. :0(

  7. Great photo; great reflection.

  8. You sure have unusual way of finding an object…but I really like it.this one looks classic

  9. I love emotion, not just in the photo but in the words.. it wouldn’t be as strong if they weren’t together!! This is a wonderful post 🙂

  10. Love this and what you have to say about the photo!

  11. Great story, awesome image~ isn’t it wonderful to explore the place where you live–your home? Thank you for sharing this slice of life!

    • Yeah, it’s great to really explore a place, and not just seen the veneer of what they’d like you to see. 🙂 Much more interesting in my view. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  12. Interesting social commentary. I also like the ‘face’ in profile, top left 😉

  13. Very good pic, Katie!

  14. A great photo and a fantastic description! Congratulation!

  15. I really enjoy abstract photography. There are so many ways to explore and appreciate what the photographer has captured. Your back story makes this a really captivating shot to illustrate your point. Nice!

    • I love the abstracts too. When I took the photo I wasn’t having the thought about society exactly, but in general, I think I was. Thanks for your comment and visiting my blog! 🙂

  16. This image is great. And so are your words!

  17. Great attention to detail in both the image and the words that accompany it.

  18. Great story & awesome picture of something so simple.

  19. Nice image, tied very well to the story. I think this is representative of many places in the world: affluence intertwined with poverty. Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Hi Katie – I agree with all that you say and I like the photograph you have used to highlight your message. I also agree with Filipe’s message, but would go further to suggest that the issue goes beyond tourist areas to everywhere in the developed world! Where you have wealth, you also have great poverty and the gap between them just seems to grow and grow! I have just included a photograph taken in Rome on my next Photo Blog, ‘Rome, Italy (Part 2)’ which I will publish tomorrow. I hope it says it all! Why in this day and age, do we still have poverty in a world that could easily feed, clothe and give medical attention to all! Maybe with the current financial crisis, governments need to look for a complete new world financial system that has sharing as its focus instead of greed! Grrr! Sorry for the rant!



    • Actually, the photo came first, and then the message, or rather both came about separately, but joined together yesterday. 🙂 I agree, there is poverty and rich in many parts, not just tourist areas. It just really is a shame to see it so closely, to be honest, and it’s getting worse here in the US, as you noted, the gap between rich and poor is widening. This isn’t a political blog, but it’s a human issue anyway. We should be able to take care of our own. Rant away, John! 🙂 Thanks for your comment, and I look forward to your post tomorrow.

  21. With that sliver of light it looks like you could be either above looking down, or beneath looking up into sky, which I think blends well with your digging into the salt of your home. Great pairing of visual and written reflection.

  22. This was so impressive dear Katie, you caught and captured so nicely. This is a subject we can find in every country… The realities behind this cracks hit me. And I thought the realities of my own country. Thank you dear katie, you are a nice thinking photographer… With my love, nia

  23. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours, I love the photography! What camera do you use and how is this one taken? I’m a starting photographer myself 🙂

    • Ah, thank you! I enjoyed my visit to your blog too. 🙂 I use a Nikon camera. I believe with all my heart and knowledge that the make isn’t that important, and andy reasonable quality DSLR can produce great things (I’ve seen great photos out of the Nikon D3100, d5100 and D7000 among their current “consumer” cameras; older ones give great results also). I think lenses and developing your eye are the real things and just shoot, shoot, shoot. 🙂

      This photo was taken using my 105mm macro lens, just hand held, walking around. 🙂 It was overcast, so i wasn’t worried about the sun that day, but I was facing away from it. Hope that helps a bit. Let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

  24. Dramatic picture! I really like your ideas of photography. It gives me lots of inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing it, Katie 🙂

  25. lol, this looks like one I posted recently. guess cracks are found coast to coast if we keep our eyes open.

  26. Great shot to illustrate your point Katie. I really enjoy seeing images of the small details around Santa Fe.

  27. Thoughtful commentary that demonstrates illusion vs. reality. Well composed and well executed in both cases, Sally

  28. Very interesting and cool photo 😀

  29. I agree, there is growing poverty all over the world, not just in Santa Fe… I know we have it here. Lovely shot, I love the light shining through, and an appropriate illustration for your point!

    • Glad you can see it. Here, it’s been lots of poverty and New Mexico is one of the poorest states in the US. But it feeds creativity. Lots of starving artists here (me included). Glad you like the photo, Janette and thanks as always for you comment. 🙂

  30. eeep crazy photo!

  31. Interesting textures in this one. 🙂 All the little cracks and then the big split. Pretty cool shot. 🙂

  32. Brilliant photo choice Katie and beautifully said

  33. Love the details in this picture! Remids me of tv series ‘Doctor who’ 😀 There was a crack in the little girls house… 😀

  34. I love how it seems to be pulling apart to let the viewer enter through. Nice depth.

  35. Wow I really like this one too!

  36. Love the photo and the reality behind really adds to the gravitas to the image.

  37. This is such a simply written, beautiful post. These circumstances exist in so many places anymore – it’s lovely when someone writes about the ‘cracks’ instead of the multi-million dollar homes. 🙂 Great picture and post – thanks for sharing.

  38. Awesome. I love looking at things like this… close up, sharp. I love the texture.

  39. Well done. The post and image reminds of a line from Leonard Cohen “There is a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in.” .

  40. Another pretty crack. 🙂

  41. Beautiful photo, Katie! If you look at it with half closed eyes, the top part of the crack [white] resembles liquid metal… Beautiful!

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