My Camera Lens is a Magician :)

This photo just amuses me. I love how the leaf looks like it’s floating.  My camera lens is either a magician, or perhaps that magic wand that I shot a while back is. 🙂

This image was taken after Halloween. My neighbors hadn’t (and still haven’t 😉 ) taken down that spider web type material that they have on their wall. This leaf was caught in it, and I liked how the leaf and its shadow looked, so I decided to take a photo.

Shot with my 105mm lens at f/9.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on November 23, 2011.

76 Responses to “My Camera Lens is a Magician :)”

  1. fantastic… really a magic photo with great effects and with the leaf shadow doing a even better effect to it 🙂

    Great job… and pray that they don’t remove that yet so some other surprises might appear 🙂

  2. I always though you have a magical camera because all of your pictures are so captivating 🙂

  3. And there it is, hanging, trying to reach its shadow… 😉 Nice one!

  4. That is pretty awesome!!! LOVE the effect of it- shadow and light- it does look like it is magical!

  5. Awesome shot!

  6. I love this picture. I think it’s one of my favorites of yours! 🙂

  7. Cool picture! I’m saving up for a second lens!! =D

  8. Oh my gosh, I hadn’t noticed that when I first saw it…very good eye Katie!

  9. A very nice visual effect, Katie.

  10. Very cool shot!

  11. Surely your camera did a magic, but real magic is in your eyes Katie. I like that you captured it. Great outcome, and so nice to look at. 3D effect!


  12. That is really cool.

  13. lol! It really does look like it’s floating 🙂

  14. Great find! Made for a wonderful image!

  15. That’s so impressive!

  16. Lucky they left the web! Lovely shot.

  17. It may sound strange to say this, but I really like the brown color in the leaves. Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Very cool, Katie!

  19. Good composition, Katie.

  20. Floating leaves, excellent! Now that’s magic 🙂

  21. Hi
    The best photography is when someone sees something that they recognize is actually deserving of a photograph…. 99% of people would never see the opportunity….
    This shot is in the 1%…
    Occasionally I get there myself, but not often enough…
    The best photographers are the ones that stay open to these opportunities, so I hope you’re already looking for the next one.
    Great work.

  22. Terrific shot! The angle and shadows definitely make the leaf look like it’s floating. Nice complimentary colours too! Cheers!

  23. My neighbors left their icicle lights up since last Christmas…nothing but dust to photographically report! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving, Katie! — Susie C.

  24. I like the effect, Katie. The DOF control made this image sing. Have an outstanding Thanksgiving.


  25. If i didn’t read your explanation,I would have thought there were 2 leaves. That shadow really gives great effect on the photo

  26. I see I’m not the only one that (at first glance) thought there were two leaves. 🙂 It’s kinda like a Peter Pan leaf trying to catch it’s shadow! Great shot…

  27. Its in the circus and walking the tightrope!

    🙂 fun shot

  28. you have a great eye for these photo opportunities!

  29. the shadow completes and complements the otherwise delicate subject !

  30. that is pretty cool

  31. Great photo; love the effect 🙂

  32. Hi Katie – I love this shot! It has a real life/cartoon look to it. My immediate impression was of a leaf being blown about in a strong gust of wind! It was the ‘spidery web stuff’ and the way it streaks across the image that gave the impression of a gust of wind! Great stuff, Katie!



  33. I particularly like the way the webbing moves effortlessly across the lower leaf, forming an abstraction. Happy holiday, Sally

  34. Beautifully composed Katie! Happy Thanksgiving!

  35. Only thing that is missing… magic wand. Great shot there cheers!

  36. Beautiful! You are a real Magician 🙂

  37. You certainly took a good decision, when you saw this scene and took this great shot! The magazine, shadow, background and fine lines from the web forms a super abstract image!

  38. Love this shot… love the shadow mirroring the leaf…. GREAT eye.

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