A Simple Pretty Flower for a Sunday – 10

Here’s the tenth installment of “A Simple Pretty Flower for a Sunday.” You can view all the earlier Sunday flower images/posts on this page.

This is a photo of an Echinacea/Purple Cone flower that I took back in September at my friends’ property in Tesuque, New Mexico, just outside of Santa Fe.  If you were watching the blog back then in its beginning days, then you saw the same flower in a different way.

I like this photo as to me it looks like it’s staged with a background hung behind it. And it’s not. It’s just a flower in nature with the early day sun on it. Nothing better in my mind. 🙂

Hope you’ve been having a great weekend, and I hope you enjoy your Sunday.

Shot with the 105mm macro lens at f/6.3

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on November 27, 2011.

75 Responses to “A Simple Pretty Flower for a Sunday – 10”

  1. Such a pretty flower!

  2. Pretty flower. Red + Pink. Nice!

    Great capture, as always. 🙂

  3. Love the light in the red centre of the Echinacea bloom. Grey makes a nice background for this flower.

  4. Love it!

  5. Pretty…a lot… simple… yes… amazing, definitly 🙂 great job on this one it is just magnificent

  6. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! Hope you are having a lovely Sunday! 😀

  7. absolutey fantastic!

  8. Very pretty indeed. A lovely start for Sunday.

  9. Beautiful. I love your way with color.

  10. I like the way the red-orange seeds pop in the center. 🙂

  11. absolutely gorgeous and the simplicity of it just adds to the beauty! I truly love it!

  12. Beautiful, I love e hinachea they are so summery! Youve captured it perfectly too!

  13. Nice! It looks like it’s sunbathing; lounging in the warm rays. Great job with the background, which compliments the flower nicely! Cheers!

  14. I call this a cone flower. When i first saw it I thought its petals had wilted, but of course I was wrong. Great shot.

  15. Excellent. I like the unconventional view of the flower and the way the glow makes the flower’s center stand out.

  16. Sunday is a perfect day for a flower 🙂 Have a great day!!

  17. Simply beautiful.

  18. Great colors and DOF! Beautiful!

  19. Lovely photograph Katie. I thought it was an echinancea flower before reading your post. Probably because I’ve taken plenty of it in herbal medicine!

  20. It’s lovely. 🙂

  21. Love this pic, great job!

  22. Elegant, coneflowers are one of my favorite flowers in summer..:-)

  23. A perfect example of “less is more”…love it.

  24. What a beauty… such detail. Really great capture Katie. 🙂

  25. Very nice. Very simple and very delicate. 🙂

  26. awesome photo & beautiful flower

  27. What an amazing colours… Great shot, I loved it dear Katie, Thank you, with my love, nia

  28. So pretty

  29. BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love the color and its shape….simply wonderful

  30. Beautiful. I look forward to your flower images!

  31. I love the colors and light in this one.

  32. Excellent detail! What a lovely flower.

  33. Love images of flowers where I get the feeling they are reaching for the sun, not sure why I love them…I just do! Nice capture Katie.

  34. This is echinacea (cone flower) right? I love taking shots of this flower. Nice capture!

  35. I like this picture. I am not a photographer but I own a fish tank I had those very little fish called “Moskito Rasbora”. They was 1 cm small and reach a maximal size of 3 cm. Yea that seems to be a little bit off topic but…

    Since then I started to try shoot fotos and soon I noticed that it is pretty strange to shoot those little friends with a mobile phone cam or a cheap standard cam.

    Since then I started to reading about photography but I still dont know much and anyway I cant practice as I do not own a DSLR Cam. Its just to expansive for me. However I tell this because I am now since then aware of the word “Macro Photography” and always if I see Macro Foto´s I just say “Woooow looks pretty”. Not only if I see Fotos of little Fish.

    Since then I just enjoy any Macro Foto and your Flower Foto is one of these Fotos I really can enjoy.

    As I said I am not a photographer I rather work with 3d Tools and Photoshop. Anyway its still hard to descripe what I like on these Macro Picitures. I think its because this very special Alice in Wonderland perspective 😀 See small things big.. that is beaty.

    Great Foto thanks for sharing.

    Greetings from Germany.

    • Welcome to my blog, Dennis! So glad you have a love for photography. And I love little fish! And yes, a macro would take those photos well, but yes, all camera equipment is costly, which is an issue, even for me.

      So glad you love macro photograph, and that you liked this photo. I love shooting with my macro lens, as it takes me to a different world, seeing things in ways our normal eye can’t see. So glad you know and can appreciate that. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting my blog, Dennis and the very thoughtful comment!

      • Thanks. Yes takes you to another world, that descripes it well. In the case of your flower photo its like you see it with the eye´s of a aproaching wasp for example. Our world and how we see it is already big but it must imagine you would be an ant or so. 🙂

        And we all know there are even smaller dimensions. Its interesting. When I was young I had a cheap little microscope and I still remind how excited I was when I´ve tested differend things on it. It was so much abstract and a completely differend dimension. Interesting. 🙂
        I still dont know when and why I stopped this hobbys but it must be due to all the other hobbys I had which were already time consuming. I dont know.

        Looking forward to your next projects…
        Greetings from Germany again..
        Dennis 🙂

      • Wonderful, Dennis. I’ve thought about getting a microscope at some point. It does let you see into a different world. Kind of like a macro lens or a telescope does too. Great comment! Thank you!

  36. I absolutely love these flowers… Thanks for sharing!

  37. […] I took this image at my friends’ property in Tesuque, which is just outside of Santa Fe. They have the most beautiful grounds, and the husband has a wonderful way with plants and flowers. I’ve posted other photos from this property before; a recent one being this pretty flower photo. […]

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