Ah Shucks, Ma’am….

A silly photo for this first Saturday of December. (:

I took this image back in September, when I was at the well-known Santa Fe Farmer’s Market. I was looking for photos of shapes to take with my macro lens, and I found a mound of chiles (that’s how we spell it here) in a bushel basket.

I looked through my viewfinder, trying to find interesting shapes and compositions, and saw this intriguing chile. I composed an image which to me looks like he’s blushing over something the other chile said. “Ah shucks, ma’am….”

Hope there is some silliness to your weekend. (:

Taken with my 105 mm macro lens at f/4.0.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on December 3, 2011.

112 Responses to “Ah Shucks, Ma’am….”

  1. LOL funny! 😀

  2. Haha! It does look like that!

  3. Gosh almighty, ain’t that thar thing jus’ cute as a button? 🙂

  4. Lovely catch!

  5. I like your imagination!

  6. Well spotted Katie, it’s brilliant! And gorgeous colours too.

  7. That pepper sure does have an interesting shape. Nice capture!

  8. Tee hee. GREAT eye Katie!!! This makes me chuckle 😉

  9. heh. Very cute. I would say that personally it looks more like a Chile Pepper Facepalm to me. His little arm seems to be smacking him in the face. I almost hear him saying, D’oh!

  10. Ha! Great shot!!

  11. Too funny! Didn’t know red peppers could have a personality. Nice shot!

  12. Nice one 🙂 Love that, and great colours 🙂

  13. I think someone just told him his best mate has been used in a curry!

  14. I love this! Perfect!

  15. Ha Ha this is the perfect title for this post ! Super Katie!

  16. Ooooh spicy! 😀 Love the shot!

  17. hahaha. I love this. So cute.

  18. Cute! I’m not sure I would have seen that.

  19. Wonderful! There’s nothing better than a little heat in December. 🙂

  20. That made me laugh. Wow! LOL 😀 😀

    Great interpretation Katie. Very very cute, and such a sweet title. 😀

    Oops I forgot in all the laughing, great shot as well. Hehehe.

  21. This made me laugh out loud. What a great capture! Your title fits perfectly. How perfect that you found a chile that appears to be blushing – chiles being red and all. 😉 🙂 One of the best photos I’ve seen by you yet! Excellent!

  22. Great caption!

  23. Cute! I just planted my second lot of chillies yesterday so hoping I’ll have lots of these guys soon!

  24. wonderful macro Katie!

  25. Haha! That’s a great find. Very nicely done, Katie. Hope you are having a nice weekend.

  26. Haha, cute ánd funny.

  27. Hilarious! Proving once again that so much in life is about one’s perspective. 🙂

  28. Very funny, Katie,
    Love the vibrant colours in this shot

  29. That’s great!! Love it!

  30. looks like worms when i try to view on a different angle.. ahahah!
    the photograph is awesome 😛
    love reds! yay!

  31. I like that you’ve found the strange and made it the focus – and funny 🙂
    As an aside, I also have a macro lens (the Canon 100mm f/2.8) and absolutely love it, even for non-macro things. It’s so sharp and produces the most glorious bokeh. It seems you’re very fond of yours too.

  32. Great picture Kate, definitely one that I would have missed. Really funny. 🙂

  33. haha really funny! :))) Great shot!

  34. Too funny! What a great eye you have! 🙂

  35. I love this, such a whimsical photo 🙂 I love when you see things other people see 🙂

    Very cute post

  36. Wonderful ‘story’ to go with the picture’s ‘action’. Made me smile.

  37. LOL! This is wonderful! 🙂

  38. Love it!

  39. I love the human-like feeling of this image. As you said, like it’s blushing or holding in a giggle. Nice shot Katie!!

  40. lol…it does look shy 😉
    We call this thing as Cabe here, the main ingredient of most Padang Food.

  41. Nice & spicy 🙂

  42. you’re so right! Wonderful shot of this …shy pepper!

  43. A shy pepper 😉 how cute

  44. Cute! The image title totally makes it…. 😉

  45. Silly pepper, I still want to make you into a sauce. Great shot, Katie.

  46. WOW! So beautiful dear Katie, your eyes are great that you saw this. Thank you, with my love, nia

  47. Hahaha!! The things macro can do! Man! Nice!

  48. nice DOF.

  49. Great!

  50. definitely! even bf reading your note, I thought this looks like someone bowing and about to tip his hat

  51. What a great image, Katie 🙂

  52. Super cute and creative 🙂 I have a macro lens I’ve been fooling around a bit with on my nikon, but can’t seem to get far from the digital macro on my elph!

  53. That is funny. 🙂

  54. lol! what a great shot!

  55. That is just too cute. That’s why I’m going to buy me a small digital to carry with me everywhere … for moments JUST like this!

  56. A tip of his hat to the lovely photographer. 🙂

  57. […] so I’ve done two Silly Saturdays (here and here), but this week, I found nothing that was silly. Nothing. But still, I liked the photos […]

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