Photography as Abstract – Holiday Lights

Here’s another of the abstracts I’ve been doing. If you want to see the other images/posts in the series, please click here and here.

I was out yesterday evening with my camera, and on my walk I saw that there was a Christmas celebration at the New Mexico State Capitol, so I went over. They had an old fire truck that was covered with decorations, and I took several photos, but with my love for more abstract ones, this is my favorite.

This is a shot of holiday lights that were strung on the front bumper of the fire truck. I had my macro lens on my camera, so a shot like this is just made for that lens. As with all of my photos, probably the trickiest thing was the exact composition. I tried different ones, and I liked this effect of the lights moving a bit diagonally upward and trailing out of the image.

Shot with my 105mm macro lens at f/3.2.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on December 8, 2011.

124 Responses to “Photography as Abstract – Holiday Lights”

  1. Nice shot! We are (hopefully) off to shoot Christmas lights tonight!! Fun fun!

  2. seriously soooooo in awe of this one Katie!

  3. This is freaking fabulous! I LOVE IT!!!

  4. yeah nice one!

  5. That is so cool….had trouble figuring out what they were at first, but once I read what you said…it just sticks out. You make such ordinary things look so amazing Katie. Can you explain the macro lens to me a little?

  6. I love it, Katie. Well done. 🙂

  7. I like this. Very cool. 🙂

  8. *Stunning *
    Nice work!

  9. Wow, amazing Katie! You know what, they look like red illuminating eggs. Hehehe. Brilliant red!

    I really love the amount of brightness here. Well captured. 🙂

  10. A neat red Christmas necklace Katie – to go with a red dress!

  11. Where is the LOVE button? This is amazing – great photo!

  12. Love the exposure – just right for this shot. And the composition. Yay macros!

  13. Wow, very cool!

  14. Wonderful! Looks like the start of a great series. (hint, hint) 😉

  15. Cool Katie, it’s rather celestial!

  16. That’s an awesome shot! I had no idea what it was 🙂 love ur compositions and eye for imagination

  17. Great shot !!
    Really cool effect !!!!!

  18. Composition is great! Love it!

  19. I love that…I think it would have been a bit nauseating if it had been a multi colored string… very cool..LOVE the visual it portrays!

  20. Great shot! It’s somehow warm and bright at the same time. Well done!

  21. Way cool Katie!!!

  22. Oh! Nice! Reminds me that I need to get out there while those fancy colored lights are still up there!

  23. Joyful and aesthetically pleasing–nicely composed Katie, Sally

  24. Stunning!

  25. Sooooooooo Cool!! This shot is fascinating for me to look at !! Love It !!

  26. Great abstract, Katie. I love how you framed the shot and the DoF that really pulls the eye into the shot. The red on black really works well to make an interesting photo.

  27. Very nice — I love the red 🙂 It’s a simple but effective composition, and I like that only a few lights in the foreground are in focus.

  28. beautifully composed. it almost looks like multi composite shot of a moving disc.lovely tones !

  29. absolutely love this….

  30. I LOVE this one, Katie! The depth of field, the composition… the brightness of the red against darkness. It’s so simple and yet it’s one of my favorites from this series! : )

  31. This is too cool! I love the composition. Great festive photo with a bit of mystery. 🙂

  32. Very cool. Otherworldly. There is a softness to the red and shape – almost look like eggs lined up.

  33. Love this!

  34. Wonderful perspective – gives the illusion of movement with a trailing blur. Very cool!

  35. Now thats an awesome abstract! Great colour.

  36. Very cool, Katie! It took me a moment to realize they were Christmas lights. I like how each individual light blends into the next, creating an almost seamless line, and the shallow depth of field really enhances this illusion. Great shot!!

  37. VERY nice

  38. Wow, very nice!

  39. Fantastic Katie! Great composition.

  40. I love it so much! What a great image, Katie!!!

  41. Oooh, yes, I love this too! The color is pretty against the background, but overall it’s quite a mesmerizing image.

  42. Nice 🙂

  43. Wonderful!!!

  44. Fascinated me dear Katie, you are amazing. Thank you, with my love, nia

  45. Love, love, love it!

  46. I would never guess it was Christmas light if you didn’t mention it!! Great shot

  47. Fabulous! Love it so much!

  48. Really nice, Katie. There’s a weird reference with your next shot of the eggs!!!

  49. This looks to cool. The gradient in the lights is a beautiful capture.

  50. am late to this one, but want to echo all the other comments!

  51. Great abstract, Katie.
    I imagine this hanging on a wall in a sixties/futuristic living room.

  52. What an interesting concept to make the bulb appear in a moving pattern. And the movement is beautifully captured. The final solution for composition carries your eye out of the photo and into another dimension (can say that without sounding corny). Great shot!

  53. Cool! I like the sharpness to blur of the red lights. Once again you have a great eye.

  54. Oooooh, I like that! So… red!

  55. That’s a science-fiction worm!

  56. […] Photo suggested that I do a series inspired by my first holiday lights image. I had that thought also, but being that I take photos of things I see, it can be a bit difficult […]

  57. So cool!
    It’s almost other worldly!

  58. Wow!!

  59. […] I was out shooting some of those abstract holiday light photos (see here and here) that people seemed to love, I also shot some regular night-time shots. I was walking […]

  60. very, very cool. i never would have guessed these were lights on a string! i like the composition, the play of glowing red on black…

  61. […] found this on the same night I found those cool lights. It wasn’t far from my house, and there was just a bunch of wiring out in the open, and my […]

  62. Tonight I was talking to a friend about how popular abstract photography may be with the general public – we both have experience as photo teachers in high school and in this field of study one rarely gets beyond the basics. We thought that probably very few people appreciated abstraction in the photo realm, preferring landscapes, sunsets, cute puppies etc.
    When I arrived home and found your ‘like’ for ‘Solstice’ at art rat cafe (for which I thank you) I came to your blog and found ‘Holiday Lights’ and saw how many people commented positively. So I guess this answers our question – people love abstract photography! Nice work, congratulations!

    • Thanks so much, John! I agree, I have been amazed at the popularity of my abstract works. That being said, my most popular posts (besides this one), have been photos of my cat. 😉 And a few nature ones also. But, that being said, as I’m moving more into doing more abstract type works in my photography, I’m still getting new subscribers, so there is an audience for it, I think. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment! And thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

  63. […] be the last of my holiday light abstracts. I did three others, if you’d like to look – here, here and […]

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