Nice and Normal – Eggs in a Dish

We’ve had a couple of days of my abstracts, so let’s get back to more normal things. (:  Here’s another Nice and Normal photograph. If you’d like, you can see the other images here.

Yesterday two commenters, Nandini (her blog here) and Mobius Faith (his blog here), thought that the image in the post looked like eggs, so let’s do an egg image that I took recently.

Every once in a while I get the opportunity to watch a friend’s Zebra Finch. I love this little bird. She’s just the happiest and friendliest thing. The bird doesn’t have a boyfriend, so when she lays eggs, they are kept in this little dish near her cage. The last time I watched her I had my camera with me, so I decided to take some photos of the eggs — trying as always to get an interesting shot.

For reference, each egg is about the size of a little/pinky fingernail. I shot numerous photos that I like, many making the top egg look like a jewel, but this is the one for today.

Shot with my 105mm macro lens at f/3.5.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on December 9, 2011.

71 Responses to “Nice and Normal – Eggs in a Dish”

  1. The little eggs are just perfect, their shape and shell just looks great with a fantastic texture 🙂 and above all the way they are stacked gives a great look to the photo.

  2. Perfect eggs! 😀 I love food photography 😀

  3. This is a perfect capture Katie. I love the hint of yellow in them. And the spirals in the bowl add a little extra to this shot. Smooth, nice and normal, as you said. 🙂

    Thanks for putting these up, and mentioning me in this post. 😀

  4. simple but great 🙂

  5. Amelia wanted me to thank you for giving her eggs such a gorgeous presentation. She works hard to make those little eggs!

  6. Oh my, such precious and tiny little eggs! Even your “nice and normal” is extraordinary.

  7. Lovey!

  8. Lovely photograph of eggs Katie! And a nice off-centre composition 🙂

  9. Awesome photo!

  10. It’s hard to believe that the eggs are that tiny. Great photo, Katie.

  11. So sweet! Beautiful idea too. My friend’s chuckwalla lizard laid eggs that were kinda flat and leathery. Very interesting!

  12. The pop of yellow is so unexpected and adds so much richness and depth to this shot! I love the shape and lines of eggs anyway, but I think you did a very nice job of capturing these. Lovely as always! : )

  13. great shot Katie!

  14. Very nicely done Katie and it’s hard to believe the eggs are that small. I love the light and shadows. Super!

  15. Very cool! Aww they should get her a boyfriend poor finch’s do get lonely, they like to have companions.

    • Glad you like the photo. As to another finch — my friend tried, but the girl did not like the boy and kept picking on him, so she returned the boy bird. The girl likes the human company and is just wonderful. 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment and visiting my blog!

  16. I mistook these eggs for the ‘red ones’ in your Xmas light abstract. I was wondering how you made those eggs glow like that. lol

  17. Amazing. Thank you dear Katie, have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

  18. Very nice, Katie. Hard to believe they’re that tiny when looking at the picture 🙂

  19. What happens to all these eggs? I like the grey pattern to the right of the teeny tiny eggs. Also the one egg with the watermark through it seems to be floating down upon the others–lovely. By the way, do you use Photoshop to place the watermark? Good job, Sally

    • I’m not sure what will happen with them. The woman is involved with the art community, so maybe something artistic. For right now, they just sit in that little dish. The bird is young, born this year, so there aren’t that many eggs. 🙂

      I do use Photoshop to put the watermark. I have an action for it, and then I move it around a bit.

  20. Very sweet. 🙂 Cute lil eggs. I like the angle too 🙂

  21. They’re glowing!

  22. Reminds me of the time I had to draw an egg for my drawing class. Now that I know how, a photo like this would be fun to draw from.

  23. When I read how small these eggs are, I had to smile. They must be so adorable, being so little. It’s kind of sad that this nice bird doesn’t have a boyfriend though. Maybe she’ll have one someday. Great photo!

    • Thanks, Jenna. 🙂 As to a boyfriend, she was given one, but the little bird did not like it one little bit, so the boy birdie was given back. So the girl likes her human company more than having another bird there. My friend takes great care of this bird and wanted the bird to have company, but the bird didn’t want it. I should have said that in my post. 🙂 Thanks for your comment, Jenna. 🙂

  24. So normal but so nice! Great job!

  25. …it’s obviously the shape! [re: the holiday lights] Love them too!

  26. Great shot – simplicity at it’s best. I particularly like the addition of the glass dish spirals on the right hand side – adds a nice contrast to the oval egg shape.

  27. Lovely simple shot……..

  28. love it. the middle egg seems to float above the rest!

  29. Interesting. Clever use of depth of field. As one of my immediate comment predecessor says, it does tend to make the topmost egg really LOOK topmost among its peers.

  30. Eggs have never looked so good!

  31. I like this composition! Great depth-of-field control, love the shapes! Great shot Katie!

  32. I love eggs too….they’re miraculous….great photo…

  33. I used to have zebra finches. I thought the eggs looked a little odd, but I would not have known they weren’t chicken eggs if you hadn’t mentioned it. 🙂 Nice photo!

  34. Love the effect that one egg gives to the whole group… nice! 🙂

  35. Where did my comment go?? 😦

    • I know, strange, right? WordPress thought you were new here (so I had to approve again), which isn’t true! It’s there now. Bad, WordPress. And thanks again for your comment! 🙂

  36. I love scrambled eggs and hard boiled eggs now of this very often.

  37. […] Zebra Finch (you can see a normal photo involving another time I watched this wonderful bird here), I was given a vase filled with beautiful […]

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