Saturday Silliness …. Wired :)

I should start a series of photos for Saturdays. Silly ones. I did the blushing chile last week, and this week I took another shot that’s fun. I love shots that are silly, but I don’t find them all that often, so a regular series isn’t really that possible.

But it’s a nice thought. 🙂

I found this on the same night I found those cool lights. It wasn’t far from my house, and there was just a bunch of wiring out in the open, and my mind decided to see if I could get some interesting shapes from it. After shooting another composition (a photo I ended up not using), I immediately saw this guy and wanted to capture him.

What’s fun with this photo and my chili one is that I’m pretty sure no one has seen the actual items in such a way, and that little rebel child in me just does a little dance at the thought.

Hope there is some silliness to your weekend. (:

Taken with my 105 mm macro lens at f/3.2.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on December 10, 2011.

80 Responses to “Saturday Silliness …. Wired :)”

  1. Very cool, Katie!

  2. It is a nice thought Katie. I truly loved the chile one. It was cute and funny.

    I like this one too! Nice colors and weirdly connected wires. I like the wood in the corner too. Silliness is fun! 🙂

  3. I really like your imagination!

  4. Fantastic.

  5. Silly,… but imaginative and with a lot of quality, that is the difference, the quality photography that you can make with anything 🙂

  6. The wires almost look alive – or doll like. Wonderful.

  7. I love it!!!

  8. He’s doing Karate! HA-CHA-SWIPE-SMACK!!
    I love silly pictures!

  9. What fun! I get the feeling he’s trying to make an escape and leave us powerless

  10. Oooh that looks cool! Wire!

  11. Its totally dancing. Maybe doing a Saturday night fever… 🙂 Fun

  12. Frivolous wiring haha. I like it.

  13. I’m not trying to flatter myself here, but I smile in recognition now and then when I see your photos, b/c I do similar things (like some wiring photos a few months back)

  14. Dance little buddy….. dance!!!! Great job Katie, thanks for the smile!

  15. The world needs more silliness, so thanks for helping to provide it. 🙂

  16. Dear Katie, I know now, whatever you take pictures, they become always so impressive and so artistic. This is clear. And this means you are such a beautiful photographer and always you inspire me. Thank you dear Katie, with my love, nia

  17. Looks like a Wire ‘runner’ running a marathon. The most unusual subjects sometimes make the best photos – especially when you take the shot at the right angle – usually close up and with the subject filling the frame.

    Yes, a great shot, Katie.

  18. Ah Ha! more squigglies! I like the idea of doing a series on sqigglies! Have a good Saturday, Kate.

  19. So refreshing, Katie! We could all use more of your sense of whimsy!

  20. Ouch! I think I did that move in my last yoga class.

  21. You’ve got a great eye! This guy looks like he’s striking a pose. 🙂

  22. Cue Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta! “I got chills, they’re multiplying………and the power you’re supplying, it’s electrifying!” LOL!
    Great catch, Katie!

  23. I’m glad he’s smiling or I’d be petrified….;-)

  24. Excellent! I love the wire dude, very funny 🙂 I love it when I ‘see things’ in regular objects, so really well spotted Katie.

  25. Hehe, he reminds me of those enormous, skinny tubes that stores often have ouitside that blow around ridiculously in the wind.

  26. Love it. Nothing like a bit of silliness. Great shot.

  27. That almost looks alive.

  28. I immediately thought of some weird alien creature, two legs but multiple arms. Great shot! You’ve got a wonderful imagination and eye for the interesting! Cheers!

  29. Love it! 🙂 you always find interesting things to take pictures of 😀

  30. Nice one, Rebel Child! I’m thinking some kind of hi-tech Green Man (

  31. Thanks for your silliness! Great idea you got here – I like this shot – very creative!

  32. That is awesome! “Wire bundle man does a dance”. 🙂

  33. …or like a couple dancing [blue dancer lifting the red dancer]. Excellent Katie!

  34. Somehow…it reminds me medusa. Great shot Aunt Katie 🙂

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  36. whoa… too cool!! 😀

  37. *giggle!

  38. umm…… interesting. LOL

  39. […] so I’ve done two Silly Saturdays (here and here), but this week, I found nothing that was silly. Nothing. But still, I liked the photos I’ve […]

  40. Long live the rebel child who sees things that no one else does (and has a good giggle about it!!) This is one of my favourites so far! FANTASTIC!

    • Thank you! The little rebel child gets a bit frustrated when she can’t find things like that. 🙂 Glad you like this image! I thought he was so cool when I saw him. I had never seen him before, even though I walk that street almost every day (and I haven’t seen him since). 🙂

  41. This is neat 🙂

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