Nice and Normal – Concrete Barriers at Night

Here’s another Nice and Normal photograph. If you’d like, you can see the other images here.

When I was out shooting some of those abstract holiday light photos (see here and here) that people seemed to love, I also shot some regular night-time shots. I was walking past the New Mexico State Capitol, and I noticed the concrete barriers that stop cars from proceeding beyond a certain point were lit up. I thought the shapes, lights and patterns would make an interesting photo, and this is the one I liked best.

Being that tonight Hanukkah begins, I thought a photo of lights would fit in. Happy Hanukkah!

Shot with my 105mm lens at f/2.8.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on December 20, 2011.

86 Responses to “Nice and Normal – Concrete Barriers at Night”

  1. Love the effect of the lights on the ground, just fantastic.

  2. I agree – love the pattern repetition, and also the lighting – especially how it lights up the floor and the bush in the background.

  3. Beautiful composition. Colors are fantastic, the lights, the shadows and the little green in the background. Wow. 🙂

    Happy Hanukkah! 🙂

  4. Wow, didn’t they make a great photo? Who would of thought?
    Are you getting that blizzard today?

    • Thanks, Sandy! Nope, no blizzard yesterday. We got about three inches of snow on Monday, but it hit other parts of New Mexico more heavily. Not bad here at all. And most of it is gone now.

  5. Wow, once again this photo has an “otherworldly” look. The lighting is beautiful. Nice job!

  6. Lovely image Katie. I like the composition with the lights receding out of the frame 🙂

  7. No no no Katie! Not concrete barriers. Those are definitely aliens – probably small daleks – just landed and off to see the Christmas lights! Great photo – a real weird atmosphere considering they are such simple things.

    • Daleks!!!! Yes! I see that and they are marching towards Doctor Who. Where is the Doctor? 🙂 Oooh, doesn’t the Doctor have a Christmas special coming up? You could write a story for the show, Jude. Thanks for making me smile. 🙂

  8. A very nice post. You’ve captured the light perfectly.

  9. Very cool shot, Katie. You do have an amazing eye for what will make a good shot.

  10. Very cool Katie and I love the depth of field you chose for this and the patterns of light on the ground!

  11. stunning lighting and capture Katie!

  12. Great photo! I love the circular patterns of light on the path.

  13. Well done Katie. Love the POV.

  14. great work Katie!!

  15. Bravo! First time visit to your blog and boy am I surprised :). Catching up with your posts. Love the clicks.

    PS: Thanks for dropping by my page and sharing your criticism, Keep on visiting!

    See you soon

  16. Awesome … Love it!

  17. Love this picture the composition and colours are great.


  18. Neat! I like the shadows on the concrete.

  19. It’s a good choice of subject. The fact its night makes them look good.

  20. Great capture. Love the repetition of the light shapes. But what I find really interesting is that light pattern on the ground – I’ve never noticed that ‘reflection’ at night with lights before. Very clever image.

  21. I like the symmetry!! I can just imagine 10,000 of these in a row!!

  22. Such interesting shadows and reflections — you have such a gift for composition!

  23. I think I like the light reflections on the ground best. 🙂 nice!

  24. Katie – I like your photos and feel them as an inspiration for me. And this is no exception 😉 – I hope it’s OK with you, that I have updated my links on my blog – and put you on the list! Merry Christmas!

  25. I like how the lights create swirly reflections in the ground. Nicely captured–as usual.

  26. Very nice! I love the warmth of it.

  27. Wow… these lighted barriers were obviously designed by an artist. I love the way you captured the light playing in pattern rings. Your “nice and normal” is spectacular.

  28. Cool shot. Pretty normal capture but it looks fantastic!

  29. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful [one for each light/barrier gradually fading into the night] and I love the green comet landing on top of them!

  30. Excellent composition, and use of shallow depth of field. The pillars look like a row of little Daleks. The light patterns on the ground are fascinating.

  31. Very, very nice picture.

  32. You say nice and normal, I say it’s amazing! Love the lights, I just love night photography! 🙂

  33. Very cool 🙂

  34. You have some wonderful series’ here on your blog; I have enjoyed thoroughly reading and viewing your posts! Love this shot; the mood is quiet yet exciting; I want to look to the right and see what’s there. Cheers Katie!

  35. That is a fantastic glow!
    (I really like the shallow d.o.f. here, too)

  36. I love the circles of light on the ground around the barricades. I would never have thought about photographing something like that, we have them all over our city. You made me look at them differently. 🙂

  37. Nice bollards! And best wishes to you for the festive period!

  38. Beautiful composition,looks like candles.
    Happy Hanukah 🙂

  39. so cool!!

  40. Lovely light.

  41. Very beautiful picture. The composition and DOF are excellent. I also like the text you wrote. 🙂

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  43. I so enjoy your blog and have granted you the One Lovely Blog Award.

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