Portrait of a Miniature Snowman

This is a photo I took on Christmas Day. I was walking down Canyon Road, scene of the famous Christmas Eve Farolito Walk, and all those small farolito bags were still out and about. I came to one with the cutest little snowman next to it, and so I composed this photo with the bag beside him.

A photo like this just seems classic for the day after the Farolito Walk in Santa Fe. Way to go, little man. (:

Shot with my 105mm macro lens at f/3.0.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on December 27, 2011.

79 Responses to “Portrait of a Miniature Snowman”

  1. He is cute!

  2. Cute photo, Katie. 🙂

  3. This is really cute!

  4. It seems to welcome the sun with both arms, though the warmth will soon rise to its little head. But then it will become part of nature again, nothing is lost 🙂
    Beautiful contrast with the brown of the bag and the dark chocolate of the ground/wall. I love the touch of green of the twig.

  5. looks like he is fighting the sun rays- that will soon melt him away…

  6. Lol! Nice 🙂

  7. This sounds like it is a beautiful walk!

  8. Oooh, that reminds me of the snow people I made one year! 😀 Too bad we don’t have snow yet 😦 But I like this picture 😀

  9. Sweet!

  10. That’s really cute!

  11. Another little gem 😉

  12. That sounds so refreshing, Katie. I really liked this tiny snowman. And really cute too. 🙂

  13. Bit rude.

  14. cute idea…. one of the 100 tiny little snowmen running up and down your spine after eating a peppermint patty? LOL Made me think of that old commercial… 😉

  15. Very cool!! I’ve never seen a miniature snowman.

  16. That must be a last-minute portrait! 😉

  17. Is he miniature cause he’s melting? he he.

  18. Someone has stolen his eyes!!

  19. Wonderfull shot Katie! But where is his hut and where are his eyes 🙂

  20. I just love your snow photos 🙂 so many things can be done and created and you are being able to explore many of them 🙂

  21. That snowman is so adorable! I love the composition and light in this shot. Love it!

  22. Love it! I once saved a similar one in my freezer for years.

  23. Love the composition – such a fun shot and so cute

  24. Adorable!

  25. A tiny bit of snow left 🙂 Very sweet

  26. This is so cute! Nice shot, Katie!

  27. Hahaha…
    he looks like quite a trooper (braving the warm sunlight like that)…
    hang in there, little guy!

  28. I wish he could last longer …poor thing melting! You “caught” it right on time! Also looks like a bird proudly looking up!

  29. Awww little snowman 🙂 Great image 🙂 I hope it didn’t melt too fast 🙂

  30. This is very sweet 🙂

  31. sweet image and kind of sad. we woke up to -20 Celsius this morning, nothing is melting here!

  32. He’s like a little snowy meerkat! 🙂 Nice capture!

  33. How lovely and beautiful… You are one of my amazing photographers… Thank you dear Katie, Happy New Year, with my love, nia

  34. Cute little guy. Did someone make him or he just happened to be there by itself?

  35. Looks like you got even less snow than we did. Our snowgirl was at least twice as big. I assume the farolitos are normal sized lunch bags?

    • Yep, the bag is lunch size bag. The snow melted a few days before, and of course, they cleaned the sidewalks. Here in Santa Fe, at 7,000 feet, it’s sunny, so the sun cleans things off to. That’s why it was so sweet to see this little man.

      • I guess all I’m saying is that before your photo, our snowgirl, who herself would fit comfortably inside the farolito bag, was the smallest snow person I had ever seen… 🙂

        It is a really nice photo — I forgot to mention that before…

      • Ah, I love the small snow people, Zorgor. 🙂 Glad you liked the photo too. 🙂

  36. A cute snowman indeed, hopefully he held onto life for as long as he could!

  37. Now that is fabulous! I love the layers and the lighting, the subjects….this photo is full of fantastic!

  38. Aww,cute!

  39. One of my favourites here … You give opportunity to see lots of great photographs, Katie. Thanks!

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