Photography as Abstract – Curves and Shadow and Light Play

Here’s another of the abstracts I’ve been doing. If you want to see the other images/posts in the series, please click here and here.

Jennifer over at Tree Branch Design (her blog here) has already liked this image before I put it in a post, so I figure I better go ahead and make a post for it. 🙂 And thanks so much, Jennifer, for noticing this abstract.

I did this photo a few weeks ago. This one isn’t about what the objects were, but I wanted to capture the light and movement and the rounded shape. I moved the camera trying to get interesting curves when the light moved.

I don’t think you could guess what the objects were, so I’ll just tell you. These were some food cans that were sitting on my kitchen counter, and I shot the photos at night when the overhead light was shining down on them.

Shot with my 105mm lens at f/18, as I moved the camera in a slightly downward diagonal motion.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on December 29, 2011.

131 Responses to “Photography as Abstract – Curves and Shadow and Light Play”

  1. It looks like a chocolate icecream cone.

  2. I thought at first the pages of a book. Love the sweeping curves. 😉

  3. Love this one…I never would have guessed it was a can

  4. I think this is my favourite of your abstracts.
    Love the soft sweeping curves (& of course…..the simplicity of the composition).

  5. Beautiful picture.. 🙂

  6. Never would have guessed cans…! Looks more like a nice piece of 1930s Art Decco to me! Very nice pic, Katie.

  7. Very very nice!

  8. So amazing! I got a new lens for Christmas and have been playing with abstract type of shots but truly nothing as astounding as this….

    • Congrats on the new lens! I think camera movement abstracts can be hard if you’re looking for great composition, etc., in them. Good luck with yours! Can’t wait to see them. 🙂

  9. i thought it was some kind of liquid in motion…very nice…

  10. It looks like something very soft but in very fluid motion. Such amazing effects Katie. I loved it. 😀

    And honestly, this is cool! I was like OMG! when I read the title – Light & Shadows. Really strange and beautiful feeling. 🙂 🙂 I don’t know if you noticed it. 🙂

  11. Very cool. You’re right, I never would have guessed cans. I thought it was chocolate.

  12. Hmmm it reminds me of melting chocolate…. 🙂

  13. Love it!

  14. Absolutely beautiful, has a very liquid feel. Never would have guessed it to be cans; what a creative approach for a great shot!

  15. Very cool and I never would have guessed what they were! Well done!

  16. This image is beautiful. The curve and lighting reminds me of flowing sand dunes, but in an unnatural formation. Great image.

  17. This is really cool and thanks! Happy New Year!

  18. I like your candy apple header! They certainly look real enough to eat!

  19. Great shot katie! This looks like it would be easy to paint… If i ever undertake that, ill share the outcome

  20. I love this chocolate moose! Seriously, great curves & shadows, Katie.

  21. Lovely gradation of tones and sense of undulation. Soft, serene, peaceful.

  22. Very creative use of light. I love it.

  23. Beautiful dear Katie, I love your abstract images… Thank you, with my love, nia

  24. Beautiful Katie… Photography as abstract works for me 🙂

  25. nicely done, Katie!

  26. Makes you want to touch it to see what it is … I never would have guessed that it’s a can

  27. Very nice, organic shapes. I never would have guessed they were cans.

  28. simply brill…..

  29. Food cans on a counter? I would never, ever have come to that! Amazing photo with a great sense of mystery. Excellent work, Katie!

  30. Very nice Katie! Isn’t it great how ordinary things can make great photographs? Have a great New Year!

  31. Awesome Katie! At first, I thought I was looking at the swirl of a soft ice cream!

  32. WHOA!!! That’s coffee coloured milk being stirred under moonlight! Fantastic shot!

  33. I love this abstract. The lines, curves, light and shadow are spectacular. The color warm. It is a very tactile photo, and just lovely, Katie.


  34. AWESOME! I absolutely love the way this came out.

  35. Very nicely done 🙂 Great shot and steady movement 🙂

  36. Lovely, reminds me of dunes, Sally

  37. Just beautiful…

  38. I really don’t need to know what they are as I believe that this photo stands well on it’s own with beautiful tones, a focal point where the lines and tones intersect and a plesant “feel” to it. Kudos to you, Katie.

  39. So beautiful and your right in that I would never know that it was an image of food cans. It reminds me of an abstract painting.

  40. Beautiful capture, very organic and fluid

  41. The curves and tones make this very interesting.

  42. Wow! What a lovely image, and I would never had guessed what you were photographing.

  43. Nifty. Its like super curvy like a crazy futuristic roadway. Or a racetrack or something… It might also be time for bed since I’m sure I make no sense…lol

  44. One of your best abstracts. Love the motion in it Katie.

  45. Hmmmm, food cans…???!! Had never guessed that! Anyway – it is a(nother) great abstract. Your photography is very creative and inspiring, I’m lookin foreward to your 2012-photos! Happy New Year 🙂

  46. Thats really nice Katie.
    I’m getting more and more interested in practicing digital photography as an abstract art

  47. Mmmm. Lovely, Katie.

  48. You really are an inspiration, Katie! 🙂

  49. You really captured the light and movement beautifully here Katie 🙂

  50. I love it! Well done 🙂

  51. Nice work Katie

  52. Wow – you’re right – I never would have guessed what created this effect, but I sure like your results, Katie!

  53. ow wow!! I would never have guessed that was a picture of cans. It looks like a nice wave.

  54. Lovely abstract 🙂

  55. I love this one!! Nicely done 🙂

  56. Wow, that is *really* cool! It looks art-deco!

  57. Pattie (my wife) doesn’t put many of my abstract images on her Plaid Oak blog, but they are sometimes my favorite. I love bringing out certain isolated elements that are breathtaking in themselves, even though they are found in common things around us. I like this image a lot.

  58. I was totally guessing food cans on counter at night moving camera at downward diagonal…

  59. I love how often the most beautiful images come from the simplest of objects … when caught by the creative eye of an artist like yourself.

  60. Made me think of drifted sand dunes

  61. Now I can see how you find my light-play work! Good stuff. Thank you for the like

  62. This is the best image of food cans I’ve ever seen! Keep up the creativity, and thanks for visiting my blog.

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