Portrait of a Leaf – 2 – Come On, Follow Me!

I was so pleased that my first portrait of a leaf was so well received, as I really like these photos (so thank you everyone! ), and I wanted to show more. If you’d like to see other portraits of leaves, you can see them here “Portrait of a Leaf.”

Really simple here. (: I was on another walk after a snow here in Santa Fe, and looking down, I saw this pair of Cottonwood tree leaves. The one leaf just looked so elegant to my eye and had such a pretty shape, that I decided to see what I could do in a photo. This is how it turned out.

When my reader, Charleen, saw this photo, she thought it looked like one leaf beckoning another to follow him, so “Come on, let’s go!” (:

Shot with my 105mm macro lens at f/6.3.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on January 5, 2012.

88 Responses to “Portrait of a Leaf – 2 – Come On, Follow Me!”

  1. Free yourself from the snoooow!

  2. You have a wonderful eye for a photo Katie, and a brilliant imagination!

  3. The framing is excelent 🙂 it just seems that a wave is going to “eat” the leaves. Excelent job, and definitly keep it up with the leaves photos 🙂

  4. I do like this one. Wonderful minimalism. Very Zen.

  5. She is right, it does. I haven’t seen a cottonwood tree since i left Oklahoma. I had forgotten how pretty the leaves were.

  6. Oh I can see the “wave” Filipe mentions. Great photo! Thanks for posting this Katie. I love how playful something like a leaf can be if this is the way the viewer chooses to interpret it. Great photography.

  7. So beautiful, so artistic, you are amazing photographer. Thank you dear Katie, with my love, nia

  8. I”m giggling at leafy conversation: come on, it’s ok don’t be shy, ok i’ll wait for you it’ll be fun hehehe

  9. Beautiful composition. I like the way the two leaves seem to flee the scene.

  10. two leaves just rescued from a snow wave! The wet soil makes the perfect background! Nice contrast.

  11. Good eye Katie! Nicely done!!!

  12. I like this shot, with the juxtaposition of the leaves and snow. Great lighting too! Cheers!

  13. Very nice. 🙂 I love to shoot leaves. They have so much texture and interesting shapes. 🙂 Nice shot.

  14. i’m especially liking the gently serrated (can something be gentle and serrated simultaneously?!) edges of the leaves and the ragged, icy edge of the snow…

  15. Very cool, Katie! Nicely done. Now their conversation is still ringing in my head 🙂

  16. Very lovely. Interesting crop. Did the original image have more to the right/left or top/bottom?

    • Thanks, Tracy. The original was shot with the leaves at the more 1/3 composition. It was a good shot, but I wasn’t thrilled with it, so I cropped the sides a bit to make it square. I thought that made the photo much stronger and fulfilled the artistic vision I had for it. As you know SLR’s don’t shoot square. 🙂 Thanks as always for your comments.

  17. washed ashore from the Ocean of Snow…

  18. Love your title, as it adds a humorous not to this photograph. I would blame them for searching out some warmth. Great photo, Katie.


  19. I love the colours, textures and composition!

  20. Simple yet interesting…

  21. fantastic and simple shot! Nice!!

  22. Beautifully done, Katie…

  23. This photo would look good framed and hung on a white wall!! I like this photo!! Very Good!!

  24. The leaf which has escaped the snow is willing the other one to get out!! The dark background (road??) is very “cosmic” in feel. Love the composition and the colours remind me of your last door picture! Lovely.

  25. I like this picture – and love the title you gave it! Suddenly, these two little leaves tell a story, and I have to wonder where they’d go. 🙂

  26. Interesting photo Katie. It looks like foam getting ready to swallow up each leaf. Or that could just be my cold meds.

  27. OK – I’ll follow you! Nice composed capture 😉

  28. Lovely composition Katie.. I have a couple of my own leaf photos I’m sure I’ll be posting soon 🙂

  29. It looks as if the leaves have crawled out from under that patch of snow! Lovely 🙂

  30. It’s like they’re going to go on an adventure! : ) They appear to be happy to get out of the snow, but I’m kinda jealous that you have a little bit of winter – record highs around here. lol!

    Nice composition on this shot!!

  31. Fantastic

  32. Loved the title, it gave an amazing meaning to it. It’s a really interesting photo and the snow looks so good, with those dry leaves. Brilliant catch, Katie. 🙂

  33. Excellent Photo and Brilliant Creativity! Cheers

  34. Another beautiful shot Katie 😉 I just love the texture in your backgrounds ;D

  35. Lovely

  36. This is a wonderful and whimsical image; love the snow creeping into shot 🙂

  37. They are a pretty shape and they remind me of leaves from a Bodhi tree, the tree Buddha was sitting under when he gained enlightenment.

  38. Another gorgeous photograph!! Love the contrast. I have to admit it makes me think of chocolate cake… hehehe… Probably because i’m just hungry…! Anyway, the snow against the pavement looks great with the leaves placed the way they are. Great work!

  39. I love any pictures of snow, but I really love it when the snow is creeping in on the previous season…. this is awesome!

  40. i love this! !

  41. awww…. that is sooooo lovely. your eyes are amazing

  42. Very nice!

  43. Very nice. It reminds me of the transition between Autumn and Winter.

  44. […] saw this leaf about the same time I saw the leaves that were running away from the snow. I liked the way this leaf was in the iced tire track of a car. Something about it and the […]

  45. There’s something about leaves and snow that I just love, wonderful!!!!

  46. I like your portrait of a leaf series ……. continuity, but different each time.

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