Simple Little Vase with Dried Flowers

I was on my regular walk down Old Santa Fe Trail in the Santa Fe Historic District, and I saw across the street a window with this simple vase in it. There wasn’t perfection in the vase or the scene. The afternoon sun was reflecting in the glass (the sun on the window is what originally caught my eye), so I took the best photo I could.

I went back on a cloudy day and re-took the shot, but I ended up liking this take better. There is just something about the glare of the sun that adds to the photo, and you end up looking more at the vase, which I think is pretty interesting in itself.

Anyhow, that’s the story of my simple little vase with dried flowers. (:

Shot with my 105mm macro lens at f/3.5.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on January 6, 2012.

110 Responses to “Simple Little Vase with Dried Flowers”

  1. ooooooo still life, now could you make them put a piece of fruit in there another day?

    and then maybe a bowl?

    a three image wall series!!

  2. I love its ethereal quality. Nice job, Katie!

  3. Ohhh so whimsical. I love the feeling I get from this…like a cozy, raining afternoon snuggled under a blanket, sitting in your favourite chair with a good book. Thank you Katie!

  4. Wow great one… the colours and textures are amazing, great job 🙂

  5. A nice simple still life. 🙂

  6. Lovely shot Katie! Very nice 🙂

  7. oooh…i love the soft, misty feeling of this. simple lines…magic.

  8. Nicely composed and lovely in its depiction–great job, Sally

  9. Very dreamy. It has elements of Japanese Ikebana that are so lovely and compelling. Beautiful.

  10. Yes I like this one a lot Katie! A simple still life that works!!!

  11. This is a beautiful image!
    It looks like it is from another time; it’s quite poetic
    Great shot Katie 🙂

  12. How beautiful…. this is so artistic dear katie, I loved it. You can’t believe but today the wind out side, was the inspiration for me and I made a painting something like your photograph… But yours is amazing especially the contrast and the blue ground… amazing. Thank you dear Katie, Have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

  13. This is super pretty. It’s interesting, too, that the flowers are the hardest element to see.

  14. Very nice shot Katie!! I agree: the lighting does emphasize the vase, a beautiful subject. Great work!!

  15. I like it! I bet this would be good in black and white as well!

  16. Love the composition and simplicity, beautiful

  17. That is so beautiful and graceful. I love the misty appearance and color. The flower reach toward the heavens to the Source of all beauty and grace.


  18. I know this may sound funny – but there is almost a beautiful yet haunting quality to the photo. I think it is the whispiness of the contents of the vase. It has a lot of mood which is wwonderful!

  19. Yeah, the glare kind of looks like a fog, and adds a lot of interest. Funny how the vase does jump out so sharply. Good photo!

  20. Beautiful photo!

  21. Everything what’s simple, becomes beautiful and artistic through your camera 🙂

  22. absolutely superb shot Katie!! Fantastic and a bit mystic 🙂

  23. It’s almost like a cloud of steam or fog moving into the frame. I agree that it has a dreamy quality and is appealing. It’s fun to figure out how to get a decent photo when the conditions are less than optimal.

  24. I love the cloudy effect created by the reflecting sun in the window. The textures and strip of blue at the bottom are very complimentary as well. I love it!

  25. Beautiful! Texture, lighting, composition, everything! I recently got a “real” camera for Christmas, and I can only hope to one day take photos that come anywhere close to something this good!

  26. Another fantastic image (of a simple subject) – I like this type of image much better than busy shots or detailed landscapes.
    I guess I will always love the small details in this world.

  27. I love the lighting, texture of the vase and lines of the branches combined with narrow depth of field.So much I like about it even the uneven line of the table top. I can’t remember how many times I struggled with lines of tables tops and how to render when I was painting. I think if I ever pick up a paintbrush again alot of what I have learned in photography wil leak over to the other medium. But right now photography is my passion and all that ihave time for.i agree with the above comment, I like a simple design.Cheers, 🙂

  28. Looks good. The whole fog and unique looking vase is really nice.

  29. I love this, I love the effect of the vase being dark and the stems being wispy. 🙂

  30. So nice!

    I was in Santa Fe today. Took a few photos on the Plaza and wished they were as lovely as your photos!

  31. Love this photo! Are you selling prints?

  32. Love the painterly look with the muted colors.

  33. This image has such an otherworldly, dreamy quality. The glare made the image compelling — was the other image you took on a cloudy day just sort of…meh? 🙂

    • Thanks, Susie. 🙂 Yeah, the other photo was meh to my eye. There just wasn’t anything exciting about it. The flowers looked perfectly seen, the vase too, but nothing made it a photo you’d want to look at a gain (at least for my eye).

  34. Very beautiful! Soft effect almost looks like a painting.

  35. I love the vase, it’s so rustic and kind of rough; a contrast to the dried flowers which look faded in the reflection. Simple and lovely.

  36. Cloudy days can bring us some of the best photos! You captured the mood in this very well. I love the dried flowers being so soft in comparison to the harsh lines and texture of the vase.

  37. Gorgeous shot with such beautiful light. Love it!

  38. Beautiful post. I loved the photo. There are so many flowers who just wait for the spring. Hmmm. Cloudy mood in this one. Great shot. 🙂

  39. And I forgot to mention- It snowed here today! 😀 😀

  40. first, I just want to say that there’s no such thing as a “simple little vase with dried flowers” when you make it look like this. 😉 This is art!!! Now that’s a simple fact. 🙂

  41. interesting and well observed.

  42. Really wonderful…everything just WORKS here.

  43. The painterly look make this photo really astonishing! Wow, brava!

  44. Like! Plus the vase looks like a cat’s back view too

  45. Although you haven’t shown the alternative image here, I do like this one, the contrast works really well, as you say, to draw the eye to the vase. Beautifully composed too 🙂

    • Thanks, Mufidah. The other image was just bland with even lighting, which bored me, and I only want to show shots on this blog that really are what my artistic vision is about. 🙂

  46. It’s truly beautiful Katie! A serendipity moment.

  47. It’s really beautiful! The lighting, the vase’s pattern and the composition are perfect.It”s somehow feel so surreal

  48. Mystical! Love the ghostliness of the upper part of the image, in contrast with the wonderful, vibrant blue of the counter that the vase stands on.

  49. You really can make anything a great photograph. Thanks so much for sharing!

  50. I love the soft feeling of this.

  51. This is such a beautiful photo Katie! The blue that the vase sits on, the slight leaning of the vase and the ghost dried flowers… Love it!

  52. I’m coming back to this again because it’s just so beautiful. 🙂

  53. This is gorgeous. Simple and elegant.

  54. This is so beautiful! i paint, draw and meke phots, too. But I had really stopped concentrating on my camera, hummm maybe I’ll bring it out again. You have inspired me. Thanks for dropping by my blog

  55. I think the two elements work well together, bother adding to the mystery of the scene. I feel that I want to know more….

    I now also want to go away and make this pot, love the shape and texture, it could be my next pottery project!

  56. Very unusual but very cool!

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