Photography as Abstract – Iced Mocha Latte

Here’s another of the abstracts I’ve been doing. If you want to see the other images/posts in the series, please click here and here.

This is one of my cold winter photos. In Santa Fe, we get snow, but it rarely stays long. Living at 7,000 feet, the sun is bright and strong, so it melts the snow in its path. But being in the high desert, it gets cold again at night, so things freeze, but then melt again during the day.

This plays with the alley behind my home. It’s mostly bare dirt, and it gets muddy when the snow and ice is melting. So one day when I was out walking, I found some broken ice in a mud puddle and played with some compositions.

Join me for an “Iced Mocha Latte,” anyone? (:

Shot with my 105mm lens at f/3.2.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on January 11, 2012.

95 Responses to “Photography as Abstract – Iced Mocha Latte”

  1. MMMMM, iced coffee 😉

  2. Your title really framed my perspective. I can ONLY see a wonderful icy latte, not dirt. 😉

  3. mmmmmm! Mocha! 😉

  4. …tasty mud! I love the little bubbles caught by the ice!

    • Thanks, Marina! I had another photo with a lot more bubbles, but in the end this one won because of the composition. I really hated not having more bubbles in this. Glad you noticed them. 🙂

  5. Haha, that is a really amazing comparison, Katie! At first, I thought it was iced mocha latte, but then after reading your description, I got the real flavors. Thanks for sharing this one, I mean, the latte 😉 Very very cool! One of your best abstracts. 🙂

  6. Your title is very apt. My first impression on seeing this was ‘brillo pads immersed in milky coffee’ 😉

  7. Great macro, wouldn´t have thought of that subject 🙂

  8. I wouldn’t have thought of photographing that. It came out great.

  9. A great abstract, it is. I you hadn’t said what it was, it would have fed my imagination. Very creative, Katie, and imaginative. 🙂

  10. Oh my creative Katie, I believed this.. You are amazing. Thank you, with my love, nia

  11. Looks like the surface of a planet… LOL Great shot!

  12. I love the way you look at ordinary things.

  13. It this what is meant when the coffee tastes like mud? From the title, if you told me and you cropped round, it looks like latte whatever to me.

  14. Very cool, Katie!

  15. I love it! I especially love the idea of having to figure out what it is if you didn’t know ahead of time it was an iced mocha!

  16. I’m in Katie! I wasn’t feeling too well recently and didn’t have coffee for 3 days now! 😉 Great abstract picture, one of my favourite 🙂

  17. LOL! Awesome.

  18. You’re dead on – that’s what it looks like. It also sort of looks like a landscape to me where the ice could be mountains.

  19. cool idea!

  20. Very well done, Katie! You had me fooled, I really thought this was iced latte, and didn’t even cross my mind that I’m looking at ice in a muddy water until I read the description.

  21. THAT’S why my Starbucks tastes like mud…! lol

  22. I was drinking an iced coffee around my nephew (2 ys old) and he cocked his head, and asked in a incredulous voice, “You drink MUD?!!” LOL Scary to think how they look so much alike.

  23. Haha, your title had me going for a minute 🙂 Nicely done! You work miracles if you can even make dirt and ice look like a nice beverage ( and now I want a iced mocha latte, darn! 😀 )

  24. It could be an aerial view of a landscape after a flood!

  25. Great one Katie!
    For me this one is more abstract 🙂

  26. Mushroom Soup?

  27. Wow, that’s so cool and well done! Fab details. 🙂

  28. That’s very cool. I really thought that was coffee until I read the entire post. Well done.

  29. oh yum yum.. 😉

  30. I love this one even the name:) Good one Katie.

  31. Before I read the actual post I was totally going with it being latte! That’s what my eyes saw. : ) Great abstract shot and great title!!

  32. yet another great idea from your big book of ideas.. 😉

  33. Okay, that was funny enough to be a Silly Saturday post! 🙂

  34. Oh this would be great for a “What is it?” photo quiz! It so looks like an iced coffee 🙂

  35. It does look like a Starbucks! Too funny and very interesting photo.

  36. Very creative!

  37. Ha ha… I think I will give it a skip! 😀 😀 but it does look like “latte” 😀 😀

  38. Ha ha… I think I will give it a skip! 😀 😀 but it does look like “latte” 😀 😀

  39. Nice! Without the narrative I would totally have believed it was an iced mocha latte! Great work Katie!

  40. As a coffeeholic, I immediately recognized this image of being a capture of frosty brew, although my very first impression was “ca-phe sua da”, Vietnamese iced coffee which you really should try if you have the chance.

    Lovely photo… was it done with the Micro-Nikkor 105 AFS?

    • Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, a Nikon Micro-105mm f/2.8. And I’d love to try that Vietnamese iced coffee. Wonder if it’s served in the US someplace. I’m assuming not in Santa Fe, though. 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment and for visiting my blog!

  41. Wierd!! Actually looks like a mud pool!!!

  42. Yummy! I could dive in and swim in it!! (Probably not advisable!!!). Love the clarity of the shot …….. and it’s that’s brown colour appearing again! Seriously, another great photo.

  43. Cool shot, I’m more of a Mc D’s Mocha Frappe person..:-)

  44. Very good abstract, didn’t really understand what is was until I read the text. 🙂

  45. love this! really weird but amazing!

  46. The ice looks like little alligators.

  47. Hahahaha…creative idea,I wouldn’t know if you didn’t tell me the truth 😉

  48. So cool! I love how you find these interesting compositions in the everyday.

  49. Before I saw your title I was thinking White Russian…
    not sure what that says about me, but…
    (very cool, Katie!)

  50. Oh dang, I thought it really was an Iced Mocha Latte. That is amazing. You have quite the eye to notice these things. Bravo!

  51. Honey Girl, here’s my take on this photograph.
    It appears that the “Chocolaty Goodness Wheat Army” is desperately trying to cross the “Icky Sticky River”. However, the Army seems a little discombobulated ………..and, I have no IDEA story ends. Sorry.

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