Photography as Abstract – Birds Flying Above the Earth

Here’s another of the abstracts I’ve been doing. If you want to see the other images/posts in the series, please click here and here.

I shot this photo about this time last year. To me it looks like some exotic birds flying above the Earth. Of course, I don’t have that view. (: If you’d like some fun, see if you can guess what it originally was. If you’d like to know, just move your mouse over the photo, and it should show you the name of the photo, which is what the object was, or you can click here.

Shot with my 105mm macro lens at f/18 as I moved the camera.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on January 23, 2012.

65 Responses to “Photography as Abstract – Birds Flying Above the Earth”

  1. A swooshy blur of abstract loveliness!

    My first impression was of a child’s toy windmill.

  2. It did look like flowers when I first saw it but I can also see the exotic birds flying. Far more poetic!

  3. Lovely colors and swoosh effect

  4. Very vibrant and interesting colours 🙂

  5. How amazing, Katie. Beautiful abstract, and imagination too! 😉


  6. Simply beautiful! I love the colors and movement.

  7. Beautiful colours, Katie!

  8. a flock of flamingo’s flying in formation. wonderful abstract.

  9. Lovely colours and composition.

  10. great abstract one Katie!!

  11. You need to teach an on line class on how to “see’. Sign me up!

  12. Beautiful! I love the colors. Great abstract.

  13. I like this one. Nice splashy colors. 🙂

  14. Almost looks like aurora borialis… the northern lights…!

  15. That’s very creative! It does look like perhaps a flock of flamingos flying… LOL Interesting how easy it is to trick the eye. 🙂

  16. Very cool, Katie. My first thought was that these are pink flamingos too!

  17. Isn’t it great to be having fun when you are out shooting? I like your humour and imagination. Yes, I am recoveringbut wisely taking it easy,thanks for your thoughts. 🙂

  18. I loved it so much, you are amazing. Thank you dear Katie, with my love, nia

  19. The swoosh left me behind..but this is kool Katie!

  20. Cylamen… who knew. I was guessing paper machier or airplanes!

  21. Wow those ‘birds’ are fast!

  22. Amazing! how cool that a photo can look like something else completely. Love the colors and the effect.

  23. I love how you create movement in these shots!

  24. Your abstract images show such amazing vision and imagination (which would be almost the same things I guess). Love this one; the red band looks almost like butterfly wings. Great shot!

  25. This one reminded me of pinwheels in a way!
    Very cool, Katie!

  26. Fantastic Katie, such movement and energy.! I love that is i open to so many interpretations.
    I think of prayer flags in s strong wind, or a flying Ferris wheel…

  27. I’d never have guessed!

  28. I originally thought cyclists (perhaps because I was just looking at shots of cyclists…) so when I hovered over the photo and saw “cyclamen” I had to laugh – not cycle “men” but flowers!

  29. swoosh! very nice effect.

  30. Great work on this photo. I would never have guessed that this was a photo of what it truly is. Nice abstract!

  31. Great abstract would have never guessed it was cyclamen!

  32. I imagine I’m sitting in a country village and someone on a bike has flown passed me with their basket full of roses; very warming 🙂

  33. Love the composition in this, Katie, and the lovely, bright colours 🙂

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