A Simple Pretty Flower for a Sunday – 18

Here’s the 18th  installment of “A Simple Pretty Flower for a Sunday.” If you’d like, you can view all the earlier Sunday flower images/posts on this page.

I took this photo of a rose that was still holding on in the middle of October, long after she should have been. There was a just a simple beauty in the rose, and I loved the way the rose leaned to the left, almost as if the sun was not strong enough to have her reaching upward.

Just a simple flower holding on when the season for them is long gone.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Shot with my 105mm macro lens at f/5.6

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

~ by KatiesCameraBlog on January 29, 2012.

27 Responses to “A Simple Pretty Flower for a Sunday – 18”

  1. As always Katie – I enjoy your photos. Your flower collection is lovely.

  2. Nice color, Katie.

  3. I love the two stripes of pink against the yellow.

  4. Like it! It looks like it’s waiting patiently for something…nice.

  5. Very nice as we march through the winter months.

  6. Thank you Katie!
    I love this one too ^_^

  7. Nice photograph and lovely colors.

  8. I always love yellow, and yellow rose is just perfect! Thanks for sharing this queen of the flowers, Katie! 🙂 Hope you are fine, haven’t seen much of you lately. TAKE CARE, friend! 🙂

  9. Very pretty! wonderful colors and light. Love your flower shots. : )

  10. Your Sunday bouquet is gracefully growing! 🙂

  11. I do like your simple pretty flower series…. Lovely as usual Katie!

  12. She is stunning. I love the depth of light and shading on the petals. Lovely.

  13. Its funny how there is always one flower that says “im staying as long as I can!” here I found random roses blooming still in november…

    Its a pretty rose and a pretty photo.

  14. Beautiful!

  15. Nice!

  16. She’s a very pretty rose, Katie, and i like this picture a lot, as well as the series.Symbolicly speaking, according to one of my instructors, if someone or something is looking left, it is looking to the past…knowing when to let go is a good reminder for me 🙂

  17. Love your simple pretty flower for a Sunday series!

  18. Yellow roses are so beautiful. Thanks for always including your camera settings, it helps me to understand the photo.

  19. Another good one for the sunday… i’m just used to see them and liking them, and so far i haven’t been disappointed 🙂

  20. This rose has sort of a plain, understated beauty that really makes it wonderful. So nice that you took a picture of this one. Lovely!

  21. Very well done.

  22. She looks as if she’s talking to somebody out of the shot. 🙂 Lovely.

  23. Beautiful capture, Katie …and full of hope!

  24. Another beautiful flower 🙂

  25. wonderful! I love yellow roses! They don’t seem as popular for some reason!

  26. I really like your macro photography skills. Its another form of art that so many miss – and you capture it so well.

  27. I like the composition here, Katie, and the ‘negative space’ as they say.
    I have a tattoo of a yellow rose. 🙂

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