Santa Fe Architecture – Old Doors

If you’d like to see more photos of Santa Fe, feel free to look at my Santa Fe Photo Gallery.

Santa Fe is an old town known for its adobe architecture. One of the most charming things about Santa Fe is the old doors and gates. Walking around the historic areas of Santa Fe, you see so many that your mind can become a bit numb to them.

One of my favorite doors is in the Guadalupe District of Santa Fe on Alto Street. It’s part of the historic 1832 Donaciano Vigil House property and is just magnificent. The door is actually twice as tall and twice as wide as my photo shows. To me, this door shrouds the property in mystery, and I just love that.

If you want to see more historic properties in Santa Fe, please visit the Historic Santa Fe Foundation.

Show with my 105mm lens at f/8.0.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on February 2, 2012.

38 Responses to “Santa Fe Architecture – Old Doors”

  1. LOVE that door.

  2. Santa Fe (and Taos) doors, windows and gates have always been some of my favorite subjects. I have had a print of a blue door hanging in my (talevera tiled) home for years…..

  3. I love taking photos of doors.

  4. The weathering is just wonderful.

  5. Amazing! Time has added to its magnificence. [And what a good idea to keep a vertical strip of wall…]

  6. Isn’t there something special about doors? Growing up, we had three paintings of doors and I always thought aide up stories for the people passing through.

    This image is lovely, great shot. Thanks for evoking a little nostalgia.

    I especially love the door’s fading stain.

  7. Nice shot, Katie. The tree branches look so cool in front of it. 🙂

  8. Great framing 🙂 and love the numbers @ the door

  9. Love this door Katie. I often photograph doors – they seem to have a mystery about them.

  10. Oh, I just love doors. I have taken many pictures of doors and gates when I have been out there. Nice!

  11. Love this!

  12. I love the way you’ve captured this beautiful door. I think the tree branch frames it very nicely.


  13. What a cool knocker! 🙂

  14. Terrific shot, Katie. It’s interesting all the insight that poets, songwriters, philosophers and all kinds of creative artists and thinkers get out of observing a door or doors and using the door as a metaphor. William Blake’s “doors of perception” metaphor alone inspired everybody from Aldous Huxley to Jim Morrison and so many more.

  15. What a beauty! I love old doors!!

  16. Ooh, this sort of photo is right up my street!

  17. I love to photograph doors because of the mysteries they hide!

  18. Ohhh I love doors and this one is great, Katie.

  19. Great shot and great door, Katie! Like it lots! Cor, Katie, you have so many ‘followers’ you will soon need to employ a secretary to reply to the great comments! Just shows you what a great photographer you are!



  20. Love this Katie….kinda reminds me of a prettier version of all my old buildings….lol.

  21. I love old doors too..this is great!

  22. I just can’t even imagine opening this door it looks so big. The picture of the door looks like it needs a good mystery story to go with it.

  23. i love old doors too, the weathering is fab!

  24. This door is really full of character.

  25. I really like this picture. it reminds me of the secret garden in a way

  26. I love it! I have a fondness for front doors, too, but rarely come across ones as inviting and happy as this!!

  27. It looks so chilly and wintery. Beautiful photo, Katie. I love the composition of this one!

  28. That door has a lot of character. Love how you framed it…

  29. I LOVE doors, Katie!
    Also here in Italy, there are so many, so really old and beautiful and full of mistery… I could stay a lot of time looking at one of them, of shooting photos, wondering about the people living in there and so on so on so on…

  30. Great image! I enjoyed my time in SanteFE!

  31. great pic Katie!!!!

  32. I’m spending time in Sante Fe this year…..thanks for the visual prelude!

  33. It is indeed a beautiful, magical old door. And Santa Fe is a place I would love to visit someday.

  34. It´s facinating with old bildings and old doors. I have been taking som pictures on old doors recently too. But I havent done it as well as you did yet. But I will keep on trying. 🙂 Good work Katie!

  35. what a fabulous door. great interest.

  36. i adore old doors. this is lovely…

  37. One of my favorite studies are when artists look at doors. They are hopeful, curious, esightful and so many other words. Thank you for sharing.

  38. Cool looking door and nicely framed – I like that you managed to fit in a bit of snow at the bottom of the image.

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