Portrait of a Nail

Okay, so I’ve done a series with the subject of Portrait of a Leaf, so how about a “Portrait of a Nail?” (:

The alleys I love to hang out in, here in Santa Fe, have plenty of nails just sitting around. They must have had some work to do at one time, but now, they are lazing around or just watching as the time goes by.

So I’ve shot them. (:

Shot with my 70-200mm macro lens at f/4.0.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on February 17, 2012.

42 Responses to “Portrait of a Nail”

  1. NICE colors! And composition!

  2. Fantastic, the colors and textures just take a person to the scene. the position of the nail does wonders for this photo…

  3. really great photo Katie!

  4. Love that little nail! Great shot.

  5. You hit that one on the head! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Nice moody shot!

  6. This is funny! It probably should not be funny, but it is!

  7. A good one, too!

  8. This one is a nail-biter. 🙂 I don’t know what to make of it, but I like it.

    It reminds me that I hammer like lightning. I don’t strike twice in the same place. 🙂

  9. I love this! All the different shades of brown, the different angles and textures. Awesome!

  10. Great photo. Maybe the nails are all in retirement….work done and now hanging out!

  11. You really hammered this one home (sorry I can’t resist a bad pun). Great image. I’m looking forward to your group nail portrait since you seem to have so many nails in your area. 🙂

  12. Great composition! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Love the texture.

  14. Nicely composed/framed. The wood textures look great.

  15. So you like to hang out in alleys….hmmm…lol. Great shot. Love the DoF.

  16. Never ceases to amaze me, your versatility. Great shot!

  17. Beautiful in its utter simplicity!

  18. You nailed it Katie (sorry!).

  19. Love it Katie 🙂

  20. amazing what beauty one can find among the ordinary

  21. More, More, More!!!! This is the brown paradise, Katie! Beautiful frame, texture and …the angle of the nail!

  22. love this! Also like the fact that you’re “woman” enough to take a great picture of the construction crane you hate 🙂

  23. Lovely brown tones and textures, Katie. That little fellow looks quite lonely there all on his own.

  24. It really is a nice shot, Katie! 🙂

  25. Nice shot Katie. 😀

  26. The color in the image sings; who’d have thought that brown could have such depth? Great image. I love these portraits.

  27. there are a lot of great textures in this photo! 🙂 great work.

  28. A portrait of a nail… hee hee who would have thought????

  29. So simple, but fantastic. I really like this shot Katie. The texture in the wood is brilliant. Great composition & well spotted. Love it. 🙂

  30. Great composition. Love the light & shade and varying shades of brown you’ve captured.

  31. So beautiful katie

  32. Wow, Katie! I loved this photo. Amazing composition. 🙂

  33. SUPER composition with perfect coloring, Katie!

  34. Wow, this is stunning! I lve the composition of this photo! Great shot!

  35. Caught me with the blog title – never thought of nail portraits before!

  36. Nice composition. I like the texture of the wood framing the nail. The smooth background makes the subject of your portrait jump out.

  37. Nice shot, Katie! Love the grain and texture of the wood and the nail holds all the parts of the image together! Ha! Ha! Sorry!



  38. […] I posted my first Portrait of a Nail, I received a lot of wonderful likes and comments for it (thank you!), so I thought I’d post […]

  39. Great idea and lovely composition, Katie!

  40. oh what fun, i want to join in!!!

  41. comment above is for the dogs on the trampoline!!!.

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