Saturday Silliness – All Kinds of Crazy

Time for some more Saturday Silliness. (: To see the previous silly posts/ images, please click here.


My Boxer girl is back again. This time she’s on the left, playing on a trampoline with another Boxer friend and an American Bulldog. My girl loves to play, so this really sums up her personality.

What got me thinking I should post this photo, was that Marion, over at Figments of a Dutchess, first posted this photo as one of her favorites, and then the award-winning artist, Carolee Clark, asked if she could use this photo for one of her abstract paintings. And of course, I was honored yet again, as she has used a number of my photos for inspiration, a recent one was of my British Shorthair cat.

I urge you to check out Carolee’s painting of this image at “Best Friends” Dogs Playing. And she does sell these paintings, so if you’d like to own it, you can. My Boxer girl would be honored. (:

Hope there is some silliness to your Saturday!

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on February 18, 2012.

38 Responses to “Saturday Silliness – All Kinds of Crazy”

  1. Super cute! ❤

  2. The expression on the leftmost dog is priceless

  3. Thanks so much for generously allowing me to paint from your amazing photographs! I love the gestures of these little guys!

  4. Love it! And you’ve given me inspiration. I’ve got to get over to my son’s house to do some photos of their Boston Terrier…the love of my life 🙂

  5. Again I’m grinning over this photo. The dogs are so playful, carefree and happy! Totally lovable. Carolee Clarke chose the perfect image for her painting. Such an honor, I’m happy for you!
    Have a wonderful weekend, and keep posting your works of art.
    PS. Thanks for mentioning me *hugs*

  6. These guys are not only having the usual sort of doggy fun, they’re actually on a trampoline! Wonderful!

  7. lol! That is SUCH a fantastic shot, Katie! LOVE it! : ) And what an amazing honor to have an artist use your photos as painting inspiration!!!! Congrats – that’s wonderful… : )

  8. Wow that’s great! And what a playful picture, adorable 🙂

  9. Amazing ! … and great FUN!! Love the face of the dog on the left – what a classic!!

  10. Happy silly Saturday katie! Cute shot. The expression on the pup on the right is absolutely pricless!

  11. Your Boxer Girl has THE BEST facial expression! How amazing to be able to capture that!

  12. haha !! nice!

  13. Fantastic capture! So much fun 🙂

  14. I wish I had thought of this. Great shot.

  15. roflmao, my stepbrothers used to do this with the boxers they bred
    was hilarious….
    until someone poked an eye out (family joke)

  16. Just brilliant Katie! They look like they’re having so much fun.

  17. As always, I love it! 🙂

  18. 🙂 so cute. ~huggles~

  19. What a fun photo – like the angle you’ve used for the shot. Love it.

  20. I love your silliness!!!

  21. Oh, that looks like a raucous time!

  22. Awesome Sauce!

  23. My baby always brings some silliness to my day with his goofy grin! i love the shot! Makes me thing of the antics my dog puts on!

  24. So much fun! Great thing to have one of your photographs painted. Congrats. 🙂

  25. I absolutely love this! I see the faces of these dogs and see joy. What fun, and you must have a great action shot setting on your camera for this not to blur. Excellent photo, Katie!

  26. This is great! They certainly look like they’re having fun!

  27. Wow that is a really great capture!

  28. What a fun photo! Your little boxer is so cute!

  29. They all got crazy when they play with a ball, the proof is here:

    Enjoy a good week!

  30. I love this shot, Katie. I’m sure you must have had a lot of fun doing it! [well, amazing models too!]

  31. He he that’s a brilliant shot 😀

  32. Made me smile… I loved their faces… You are amazing. Thank you, with my love, nia

  33. The pose and expression of the two at the back is just priceless!

  34. ahahah fantastic expression 😀

  35. Thanks for posting a photo of dogs. This is a great one.

  36. This is a great photograph! You have captured the moment perfectly. Such great expression on their faces, you can’t help but smile!

  37. a BIG lol at the post, it’s really funny!

  38. LOL!! That’s quite a shot!

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