Abandoned House Interior with Cactus and Adobe Mud

A few weeks back, I stopped in Cuervo, New Mexico. It’s a ghost town right off of US Route 40 in eastern New Mexico. The town was thriving just fine until Route 40 was built right through the middle of town, and that pretty much wrote the end for this little town.

It’s a great find for a ghost town; so if you’re coming through New Mexico, you may want to stop for a look. There are a lot of buildings to explore and almost all in disrepair, just like a ghost town should be. You can go inside some of the buildings, which is really interesting.

I took some photos in Cuervo, but the ones I liked the most were the detail shots. The one in this post was the interior of house that had been empty, I’d guess since about mid last century. I was attracted to the cactus that grows from the top of the  house, and now reaches down into what was the interior. I also liked the wall with the green paint, and the adobe mud bricks that were coloring things red and making that wonderful inverted V shape design.

I just thought it made for a pretty cool image. (:

Shot with a 35-70 mm lens at f/2.8

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on February 20, 2012.

50 Responses to “Abandoned House Interior with Cactus and Adobe Mud”

  1. Love the photo. Did you see any ghosts?

  2. Really great photo! I like the colors very much. 🙂

  3. That is a fascinating shot!!

  4. I am glad to see inside an adobe house. This is an interesting shot.

  5. I love this shot! Something about it for sure- the color and light- and nature trying (successfully I am sure) to take it all back.

  6. In a word – gorgeous, Katie. 🙂

  7. Great post! I love exploring abandoned and decrepit buildings! I love this photograph because, even though you wrote about this image, you can’t really tell what’s going on because this detail is so isolated. Mysterious! And beautiful! I know you wrote what lens you used… but what brand is it? Thank you for another wonderful post, Katie!

  8. I want the house!

  9. Standing amazing… but of course with your camera! Thank you dear Katie, I love to watch the world from your eyes/camera… Have a nice day, with my love, nia

  10. so cool and beautiful! Love how the light comes through. Great details.

  11. This photo takes my breath away – fabulous eye! Where is the “love it” button?!

  12. Oh gosh Katie. This is brilliant. I don’t know all the technical terms why I think so….but the lighting, the shapes, the ambience. Simply gorgeous!

  13. The subject drew my attention and the the photograph pulled me in. Great shot. I would love to see it as a series. Yotaki Beautywalk

  14. I totally love abandoned buildings. Beautiful shot!

  15. I love this. Great interior. Hoping to see more.

  16. this is such a beautiful shot…love it…love the warm feeling it has in spite of being abandoned.

  17. The red hue is lovely.

  18. The invading tendrils reaching downwards gives a sense of the place being reclaimed by nature. Must be great to be able to visit this and other ghost towns. The closest I have come to that is a little bit more ruinous – http://geotopoi.wordpress.com/2010/09/18/treforys-the-forgotten-village-cwmystradllyn/

  19. Great composition. Very atmospheric. Quite lovely.

  20. Fabulous sense of history in this shot. Makes me wonder if someone lived here and what they did, who they were.

  21. If ever you come to Southern Spain, look me up! You’d love it here!

  22. A really unusual subject Katie but how brilliantly it turned out. I love the definition in the wood and the lovely warm colours.

  23. Dear Katie:

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    Thank you so much for coming to my blog, and I am going to be following yours. Just looking at your photos, and taking note of your camera settings is a tremendous help already.

    Thank you so much!
    Paula Tohline Calhoun

  24. Love this!

  25. Pretty cool, indeed! I love the colors here, not to mention the textures. I imagine it must be pretty easy to spot lizards and snakes in a ghost town like this. Great shot, Katie!

  26. Fantastic the way the light goes inside the house 🙂

  27. This is truly a nice shot. To sad that I am so far away. I defenetly would enjoy visiting these ghost towns.

    Also a nice red colour tone. 🙂 Great photo.

  28. great photo! I have never been to a ghost town before, must b spooky. A place looks inhabitable but not habitant.

  29. It kinda has the feel of alien creatures slowly invading and taking over the house

  30. Katie, this is amazing. I love the colors you’ve captured. That earthy pink glowing on everything lends the cactus a gnarled, finger-like appearance. It’s beautiful.

    And thank you for all the kind comments you’ve left for me. I treasure them. I value your continued creativity.

  31. Oh, the light coming through really makes this shot! Beautiful capture!

  32. Its interesting to see the decayed and crumbled wall and then this shaft of sunlight and a plant reaching in. Nice contrast 🙂

  33. This is really nice… generally the beautiful spots are captured but even this one is looking so very interesting 🙂

  34. Stunningly interesting. Really lovely colors, Katie 🙂

  35. Great Photo.. you have set a great scene for your ghost town … it would be awesome to see some more shots… 🙂

  36. “Abandoned”? No! This is full of life, life you gave it! It’s as if you can see the shadows of the people who lived in it, incarnated in the tree which is building its web on the walls and through the ceilings. [a bit carried away there…] Amazing shot, Katie. I love it!

  37. This is a really interesting image. I love the small details in old buildings. I love the signs of decay.
    Nice colours too.

  38. This is a very good shot; I like that you have captured the atmosphere within

  39. Very interesting, Katie. And ghostly sounds very cool to me 😉 Hahaha. Hope they don’t hear me saying this. LOL.

    Great photo. Love the DoF here. Nicely done 😀

  40. Gorgeous – great depth. You must have nice steady hands 🙂

  41. I like photos from abandoned places like this. A super cool shot, this photo! I wish places like this were easier to find around here.

  42. very interesting. I love abandoned houses, exploring..
    oo00oo spppooooky!

  43. Nice photograph, Katie! I was looking for the nail that holds all the aspects of the image together and I found it just to the right of the left edge of the photograph on the bottom of the beam! Without it, the whole image would just have fallen apart! Only kidding, Katie!

  44. This is such an unexpected shot! The angle of the cactus and light, the colors… Lovely! I find abandoned buildings so fascinating and love to try to capture that. You did a fantastic job with this photo!! : )

  45. Spooky! 🙂

  46. Katie:
    I’ve driven past Cuervo on I-40 many times. I’ve thought time and again that I should pull off and check it out. This makes me want to see it for myself even more.

  47. Katie – absolutely brilliant photo on every level – the colours and shapes evoke images of interior body shots. All of your postings are remarkable. I also want to say thank you for visiting art rat cafe and for your ‘likes’ and comments, they mean so much to me.

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