Photography as Abstract – Lines, Smooth and Warm

Here’s another of the abstracts I’ve been doing. If you want to see the other images/posts in the series, please click here and here.

I took this photo back in October. What I like about this abstract, is the smooth surface of it. And the strong vertical lines amid the softer ones, along with the diagonal raised areas. Just something about it that I like.

I’ve featured another photo of this, so if you’d like to know what it is and see a different abstract of the same subject, just click here.

Shot with my 35-70  lens at f/20 and a shutter speed of 1/30, while I moved the camera in a downward motion.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on February 28, 2012.

22 Responses to “Photography as Abstract – Lines, Smooth and Warm”

  1. I didn’t click to see what it is…and I like that you didn’t tell the audience. It being abstract I love guessing and feeling what it is…..I came up with a comfy, cozy, minky blanket I want to cuddle into. It being such a “soft” photo…this is what I felt.

    Beautiful execution. Thank you Katie!

  2. Really nice movement Katie. Wonderful image.

  3. I love this vertical movement, Katie!

  4. I love this. It looks like liquid wood. The warmth and lines are so inviting. It’s amazing to m how you produce such stunning images from movement. These abstracts are wonderful, original, and captivating.

  5. Can’t believe it Katy! I just received your e-mail this instant and I thought I might actually be your first comment only to find 12 likes and four comments ahead of me! Awww! Anyhow, it looks like wood or painted wood but that is probably completely wrong, as usual! I just love the look, colour, grain and texture of worked wood in particular!



  6. Fantastic detail of the “lines” to guide us 🙂 and the crossing shadows look great 🙂

  7. Makes me think of slightly melted milk chocolate!

  8. Cool. Almost looks like the wood is melting.

  9. looks like my house after I,ve finished wall papering the walls…. love it 😉

  10. I can feel myself trying to squeeze into that one defined vertical line. Nice abstract.

  11. Cool

  12. It’s like milk chocolate flowing from a party fondue pot. I’m skewering my strawberries as we speak!

  13. that’s great Katie! Love the moving! 😉

  14. Very nice, Katie.

  15. Simply beautiful! I love how soft and delicate this image feels even though it is of wood, which is a pretty tough and rough material. I love how the vertical lines unite the composition, yet each one varies from another slightly. Beautiful work, dear Katie!

  16. Definitely! So touchable….

  17. I’m with the melted chocolate comment…. it looks delicious katie..

  18. This is very cool Katie! I can think of lots of things it resembles. Chocolate comes to mind first though…better go get some!

  19. Ohh I love this, so smooth!

  20. Wow! Very nice, this one!

  21. Very good! I must try this technique for sure!

  22. Very smooth! Great capture!

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