River, Bridge, Rocks, Snow

If you’d like to see more photos of Santa Fe, New Mexico, feel free to look at my Santa Fe Photo Gallery.


The Santa Fe River, as it goes through the city of Santa Fe, is dry most of the year. A dam was built (I was going to write it was damned and indeed, I feel that it was 😉 ) in 1881 to provide water for the city and prevent flooding, and it only runs (and very weakly) during spring snow melt/runoff in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains or during the summer, if we get really heavy and quick thunderstorms.

How I wish the river would run. For me, it would change the entire feel of this town and the way I feel also. That river is what brought the original inhabitants here, and today, it would be nice if we could have the river back.

Anyhow, so here’s the photo. I took this standing in the middle of the river bed. I just liked how the bridge intersected the image and then the large boulders going up the side.

Shot with my 105mm lens at f/11.

Image Copyright © Katie Johnson. All Rights Reserved.


~ by KatiesCameraBlog on March 1, 2012.

22 Responses to “River, Bridge, Rocks, Snow”

  1. All that snow – bbbbrrrrrrr!

    Lovely image. I feel your want of open running water – there’s something about it that instinctively makes us feel at ease.

  2. Great! It makes me miss snow.

  3. Love the “steps” created under the bridge 🙂 they look amazing

  4. You have snow! Santa Fe and snow are not two elements I’d put together.

    On the one hand, being able to walk out to the middle of a river bed to take a photo is something I’d like to do, but on the other hand I totally understand the yearning for the river to flow. There is something magical about water.

    I like the gentle colors, the warm reddish earth colors against the cool winter sky.

  5. Nice photo Katie!! They (whoever they are) have started removing dams in the area and now streams and rivers are flowing much better…and not flooding. Go figure!

  6. I love the element of surprise here (Santa Fe + snow). Also loving the softness of the snow against the hard bridge up top and the rock below. A great representation of the majority of society….hard on the outside but soft in the centre ;-).

  7. It’s a lovely photo. You must enjoy it when the river is trickling along.

  8. A great combination.

  9. nice perspective Katie, great!!!!

  10. I like the contrasts here – the warm colour of the bridge and the cool snow; natural forms versus architecture’s geometry….

  11. May your river come back, Katie. A wish for the 1st of March, from my heart. Lovely photo.

  12. Great pic Katie….I use to live only feet from the River Trent…. since moving to the ‘dry’ town I now live in I find I need regular trips to the water to keep me sane…Nothing else chills me out quite so much as running water….

  13. Nice shot. There’s something a little sad about this photo…I can’t put my finger on it though…

    Well done!

  14. In here it was snowing too… But it didn’t stay on ground like in your photograph. Thank you dear Katie, with my love, nia

  15. Looks rather peaceful!

  16. I like the way the rocks are piled and the shadows in them,

  17. Reminds me of “Bridges of Madison County” 🙂

  18. What a lovely composition! Love the contrast of the warm sunlight on the slope vs. the cool shadows on the snowy rocks.

    (Oregon is restoring the Elwha River. I wonder if anything can be done for the Santa Fe?)

  19. I loved the sunlight here, it makes it warm. and all the things you’ve included makes it a very engaging picture. Loved it! 🙂

  20. Beautiful capture of the light and lovely composition.

  21. Lovely composition, lovely photo! 🙂

  22. Wonderful use of light, it’s a very tranquil scene. I hope you get your river back 🙂

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