People – Children – Animals

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9 Responses to “People – Children – Animals”

  1. I love how the kids play with the dog – they are equal companions 🙂

  2. This is great set. I loved so much, Thank you dear Katie, with my love, nia

  3. Ow…that black cat photo is AMAZING!!! love it!!

  4. I saw the animals on your other site, really nice shots. I love photographing animals too, they are so photogenic because they have no concept of how they look, they are just being themselves. You’ve got good timing too.

  5. Hi Katie, just been across to see if you had any Boxer photos then! Are the three on the trampoline all yours? Chrissie

    • The white dog is an American Bulldog — not mine. The dark brindle one was mine, but she had a terrible fear temperament that I worked forever to help her, but I had to place her in a more quiet home. The smaller, lighter brindle girl is my current one. She is back to being a great normal Boxer! 🙂 She’s 1/2 UK, which is wonderful! Take care, Chrissie! 🙂

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